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How to increase the internal memory of the Android phone

Did you also see the message insufficient memory every time you download an application or a game on your Android phone? You are not the only one to receive such a message. Most Android users face the problem of insufficient memory because the memory of the Android device is not sufficient for your download needs. Also, the more you install apps (even under the available capacity), the slower the phone. What to do then? If you keep reading I tell you how to use Link2SD for increase the internal memory of the Android phone.

What is Link2SD?

It is a simple application developed by Bulent Apkinar that allows you to transfer all the internal memory of your device with Android 2.0 or higher into an external SD card partition. In this way it will be easy to maintain and protect data.increase the internal memory of the Android phone 1

How to use Link2SD to increase the internal memory of the Android phone?

Link2SD a simple Storage Manager for Android. Just follow these steps and the problem will be solved.

1. Root of the device

Before going to see passaggisu how to use Link2SD, you need to get root permissions first. There are several ways to get root permissions without a PC, and every Android phone has a different way. I suggest you use KingRoot if it is compatible with your phone, because it is the safest and easiest to use. If the phone does not support it, there are many other ways to unlock the device on the device.

2. Prepare a backup

It is important to format the SD card before installing the applications on diessa. Formatting means deleting everything and making it just like a new one. To do this, you can lose important data, so make sure you make a backup copy. Copy all the content from the phone to a computer by connecting the phone cable or using the Internet to copy the cloud as Dropbox.

3. Download Link2SD

Once you have obtained root permissions on the device and prepared a backup copy, download Link2SD. You can download and install it like any other application. After that, you will be asked for root permissions. Allow and continue using.

4. Start and select the App

Now, you can use the application. Link2SD shows you a list of all internal and external phone applications. Open and select the applications you want to transfer to a partition on the SD card. Be careful when picking up so you can avoid selecting those you don't want to move. If you don't know how to create a partition on the SD card, read this guide.

5. Switch to the SD card

At the end of the list of applications shown by Link2SD, there is an option Link to SD card. Select the option and a new pop-up window will appear on the phone screen. Select the option Move to SD card from that window to transfer the selected applications. The phone screen will look similar to the one shown in the screenshot below:This all. Take a little while data is being transferred as it may take a minute or two. Once the apps have been moved, check the phone's performance and you will find it impressive. After you have had the chance to increase the internal memory of the Android phone, this will be much faster and you can continue to download other apps on the phone memory.

How to use Link2SD without root permissions

The ABD command is an alternative to root permissions, but I advise you not to follow this procedure for it can cost you very much if you don't master this method. I make the slightest mistake and can ruin your device. Why go for a complicated choice when you have an easy method?

If you want to discover other ways to expand Android storage space, in addition to this, there are several other methods and to discover them I suggest you read this guide.