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How to backup iPhone before updating iOS without iTunes

September is the month in which Apple releases updates for new operating systems for iPhone, iPad and Mac. In addition, users can get their hands on the new iPhone models. In this fundamental period make a backup copy of all the data contained in your device. If you are about to upgrade your operating system or you are about to buy a new iPhone, it is a good idea to get all the necessary prevention. In most situations, you never resort to restoring the backup following a failed update. Although remote, there is always a small chance of failure following the update. For this reason we advise all users to carry out a complete iPhone backup on their device.

The saving your data instead fundamental in the case in which a new model of iPhone is migrating. To avoid having to manually download all the applications or transfer the documents one by one, restoring the backup of the old model is the fastest solution to have a device working in the shortest possible time.

Apple provides two tools to back up data on iPhone and iPad. The first iCloud. It allows, every evening, to make a complete backup of applications and documents directly in the cloud, without going through the computer. Another solution is to use iTunes on Mac and PC to get a local copy of the backup. As valid as these duesolutions are, I was able to find limitations in both cases. Complete a backup on iCloud you need to have sufficient space in the Apple cloud. Remember that only 5GB are free. To request more space, purchase a single or family package. Furthermore, you need to have a stable and fast internet connection to complete the upload of backup data. If you do not have sufficient iCloud space or a stable connection, you can use iTunes on your PC. Generally I tend to advise against this solution as I believe that iTunes is very complex to use.

To anyone who asks me how to complete a backup of their presentisulliPhone data, I recommend using one of the many software that allows not only to make a complete backup of the device, but also to take the single documents and transfer them from one device to another, without having to necessarily restore an entire backup. In preparation for the purchase of a new iPhone and the release of iOS 12, I used the software DearMob iPhone Manager to back up the data of my current iPhone. If you are also preparing for the new update of the iPhone and iPad operating system, I suggest you try this software to manage your backups.

Back up important iPhone data

One of the features that differentiates DearMob from iTunes the possibility of transferring individual files from the iPhone to the PC and vice versa. This transfer mode allows you to back up only the data we are really interested in.

make iPhone backups

The main application screen allows you to select the category of data you want to transfer. The most important sections are highlighted: photos, music, videos and application files. In the background, the user can choose to interact with the iPhone's system applications to transfer contacts, messages, calendar events and more.

The operation of each similar section. For example, by accessing the categoryPhoto, the interface offers us all the photos that are present on the device. The left sidebar lists the albums that have been created by iPhone. The main section, on the other hand, divides the photos that have been taken by year and by month. You can export individual photos or a group of them. After selecting the photos to export, simply click the button Export to complete the procedure. One of the things I could most appreciate was the speed of file transfer. In addition to exporting, DearMob also allows you to import photos from your PC to the iPhone. This is a function that is missing, in part, from iTunes. Through the Apple software you can only sync an inter-folder, which would create a new album on the iPhone. Instead, using the DearMob application, you can import photos directly into the camera roll.

backup iPhone with DearMob

If you use iCloud Photo library to synchronize your photos, through the software in question it is not possible to transfer to the PC the photos that are on the cloud and that have not been previously downloaded on the phone. Furthermore, the image import function is not enabled.

DearMob also makes it easier to transfer ring tones to your phone. You no longer have to go through iTunes to sync them. I had to perform this procedure a few days ago and I literally went crazy running the sounder management in the new version of iTunes. Using DearMob, it took me a few seconds to synchronize the sound with my iPhone. Simply access the section Voice,to select Ringtone and drag the ringtone to the main screen. Finally, by clicking on the button Sync, the file synchronization process will start with the device.

One aspect you need to take note of is that if you use iCloud to synchronize contacts, photos, calendars and use Apple Music to manage your music, some of the features offered by the program may not work. Therefore, if you want to backup the data on your iPhone, deactivate iCloud before proceeding.

Perform a full iPhone backup

make full iPhone backups

If you want to make a complete backup of your iPhone, you can use the appropriate function offered by DearMob. By clicking on the section Backup you can decide whether to make a new backup or restore it to a new device. To secure your data, you can also decide to encrypt the contents of the backup. This mode allows you to quickly transfer all the contents of your iPhone to a new device. The interesting function especially in the period of September when new iPhones are presented, when it is decided to buy the new model presented by Apple.


DearMob a complete iPhone management software. It allows not only to perform a complete iPhone backup, but also to manage every single file present on it. The user can freely decide to store all or part of the data.

It also offers the possibility to import photos, videos, music, ringtones and many other data in a few simple steps. If you usually keep a copy of your data on your computer, then DearMob is the software for you.

DearMob iPhone Manager can be purchased on the official website starting at $ 39.95. For a limited period of time and on the occasion of the release of the new version of iOS, the developers have given the possibility to download for free the DearMob to all owners of Mac and Windows PC.