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How to attract the right traffic to your website

Here's how to attract traffic to your website by hooking users potentially interested in the era of web 2.0

Once you have created your own fundamental company website understand How to attract traffic right on the website. Here are the tips from Franz Russofor #ARUBAIT, the column created in collaboration with on the most interesting trends in the world of technology, the web and social network users: here is how to increase traffic to your website, managing to engage potentially interested users.

by Franz Russo

How to attract traffic to the website

Let's start with a premise, having a website that is still very important today. the "home" where we represent who we are and what we do, not by chance that the main key is called "Home". This is why it is important to know how to attract traffic, the right one.

In the age of digital and new technologies and of Web 2.0, have a website that is different today than the initial standard Web 1.0. At that time, let's talk before 2004, the year in which the Web 2.0 standard was born, the site played more or less the same role as the window of a store that faces a busy street only by cars that run at high speed. Difficult to bring people to that store, if not using methods that are no longer as effective today. Because no one saw that window, they weren't attracted to it at all.

Attract the interested people on the website

Web 2.0 thus becomes the useful mode for the website to be able to bring users really interested, because it offers adequate tools based precisely on the building a more direct relationship with the user. With this in mind, that shop moved to a busy square, but this time it was people who didn't run by car. However, the problem remains of being able to attract them.

Increase site traffic

The problem of traffic to the website is still a problem, especially in the era of Social Media. But it is precisely these tools that, if used correctly, are formidable to attract users to the website. And there are others too. We then begin to see how to attract traffic to the website today, managing to engage the right target, that is, all those people potentially interested in what we do.

Build a relationship with visitors

First of all, it is useful to know that, as we have already said, web 2.0 introduces the element of direct relationship with the user, and this Relationship develops through the creation of Content, a formidable way to be able to attract interested users. The next step, precisely because you don't write on paper but on the web, you have to make sure that the content is optimized for the search engines. In this case, it is necessary to optimize the website to SEO (Search Engineering Optimazation), following some simple rules, knowing full well that "it is written for humans and not for machines" as Google reminds us.

The use of social media for the website

The content therefore becomes a tool for building relationships and to do this we need social media. First of all, let's think about building our "digital image", so we choose those platforms that, due to the type of activity and the dynamics they use, are closer to our way of communicating. In this way we will identify precisely those channels that will allow us to engage the attention of a more interested public, managing to hit our target. Let's not forget that our goal is to attract them to our website. Of these platforms, however, Facebook cannot be missing, which, either because of the large number of users who visit it, or because of its widespread use and opportunity, a platform that should never be lacking. in addition, one of the main referrals used by users to access websites of interest. Data to be taken into consideration to reach interested users.

We think "mobile"

If true that this is the era of digital and social media, it is also true that this is the era of Mobile. A website today cannot disregard this data, therefore, in order to better reach potentially interested users, it is necessary to equip the website with a version that is adaptable to mobile devices, in this case we speak of a "responsive" version. In some cases, it is also useful to develop a specific application to get even more direct contact for iOS and Android.#Arubait How to attract traffic

Email marketing to attract traffic

In this context, although there is someone who believes it is outdated, an email marketing strategy cannot be missing. It is true that users are more and more involved on social media and that they increasingly access mobile websites, but it is also true that today email still has its value, which is important because, thanks to email marketing platforms, it is possible to better hook interested users, being able to know a series of information such as not to be inadequate communication via e-mail.

Here, these are some indications that can be useful to understand how how to attract traffic to the website by being able to engage potentially interested users. It remains however the golden rule to follow, namely that of the creation of content, a real tool for building relationships with users.