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How to add second Google account on Android

One of the primary requirements when setting up an Android device is to add a Google account to synchronize contacts, photos, applications and more. However, many of us may need to add two Google accounts on the same device due to the different uses that can be made of them. Many users could activate their Google account related to work and even their staff on the phone, with the need to use both at the same time. The best solution is to add a second Google account.

Fortunately, adding more Google accounts to Android is pretty easy. No matter if you are using a Samsung smartphone or any other Android device, you can easily configure multiple Google accounts on the same phone. In this article we will show you a step by step guide to add a second Google account to your device, with the addition of a second Gmail account.

How to add second Google account on Android devices

Step 1: Go to Settings on the phone.

Step 2: Click on"Account" or "Account & Sync./Account Management:

Step 3: Click on "Add account".

Step4: Now from the list that appears click on "Google".

step5: (if applicable to your device): enter the password or access code, or use the fingerprint scanner to authenticate the action.

STEP6: Enter your Google account address you want to set as a second account.

Passo7: To comply with the two-factor authentication requirement, you must enter the PIN sent by Google into your phone number or registered e-mail address.

Passo8: After entering the PIN, click on the option "accept".

How to change app permissions for the second Google account

As soon as the second account set up on your device following the procedure above, you need to set permissions to allow it to access now. Here's how you do it.

  1. Go toSettings on the phone
  2. Select "Account?From the list
  3. Now, click on "Google"And choose the second Google account.

4. Select (Tick Mark) the information you want to share with the second account like Data App, Calendar, Google Fitoaltro.

How to add second Google account in Gmail on Android

Many users have the official Gmail version and a personal Gmail e-mail account on their phone. If you need it, you can use only one account or more account on Android. It's a piece of cake to add a second Gmail account to the Gmail app; all that remains is to follow the steps indicated below.

  1. Open the application Gmail on the phone
  2. Cliccasull'opzione menu (three icon bars)
  3. Now, click on your email address
  4. Click on the "Add account"
  5. Select "Google?From the list of options

Now, just enter your email address for the second Google account and password.

How to sync Google Calendar with Android between two Google accounts

Most of us rely on calendars for day-to-day scheduling management. The registrations made on the calendar are generally evenly distributed between personal and work activities, which means that our working Google account has different entries from the personal Google account. A very inconvenient thing to do is to manage calendar entries separately, which means that you have to log in and out each time to check the calendar of the two different Google accounts.

Fortunately, when you add both Google accounts to your Android phone, the calendar application can also be synchronized with both accounts. With the synchronization process complete, all calendar entries will be in one place for both Google accounts. Just follow this procedure:

  • Go to Settings> Accounts and synchronization
  • Now, click on your secondary Google account
  • Mark the option "Sync calendar"
  • Open the application Calendar on the phone and go inMenu> Other> Calendars
  • Click on the secondary Google account and check all the buttons in front of each calendar until you see "synchronized, visible". On each of them click on the "OK".
  • You will now be able to view the entries of both accounts in the same Calendar app.


We have illustratori simpler methods to add second Google account on your Android device. We hope this feature can help you add the second Google account and also synchronize the Calendar application on your phone. As we mentioned in this article, Google has made it quite easy to manage multiple accounts on your Android device. You can also customize permissions for each Google account.