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How the new Facebook Groups app works

The social network launches a new application on its own, but (this time) we won't be forced to download it


Facebook Groups the new app created by the Creative Labs Facebook designed to more easily manage the activities of its groups on the social network or, possibly, to create new ones.

The attitude to separate the various activities of the social network through dedicated applications continues, but – on this they reassure – it will still be possible to manage groups from the main app, as well as from desktop (necessary clarification, after the undesirable migration of Messenger).

How does it work: the most used Groups will be displayed at the top and the basic idea of ??having an immediate update on their activities, without losing them in the great sea of ??the News Feed. With the "Create" button you can create a group from scratch and by doing it, as well as by choosing to join an existing one, it will be easy to immediately check the privacy settings. Finally, with the "Discover" function, the recommended groups are intercepted, based on the Pages followed.

Some particular stories of people connected thanks to the Groups.


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