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How fast is a Cube?

How fast a Cube?

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Prices, equipment and features are all important parameters in the choice of a machine, but let's not forget that, without looking for absolute performance at all costs, the speed of the chosen machine always plays the role of the first discriminating element between a model and the another, between a car and similar models: who would buy a machine that is absolutely complete with all types of interfaces and devices, if the 68020 at 12 Mhz is installed at the end of the day? So the tests carried out by MacWorld arouse our attention precisely in relation to the BenchTest performed with MacBench 5.0, the standard software to test the performance of our macs. The machine examined a Cube with (email protected) and related to the old (email protected) single processor and with a new iMac SE with (email protected) Mhz: the results are such that in the test related to the processor the Cube is the last of the lot, which sees the old G4 minitower stand out, followed by the iMac 500 and a short distance from the Cube 450. Partly the performance is explained by the fact that MacBench does not exploit the Altivec routines, limitation, for other, shared with many applications. Even in the performance of the disc the old (email protected) excels on the Cube, the latter however significantly exceeds the iMac 500, in this case the architecture of the machine still has its weight. Where the Cube instead excels in graphics performance, establishing itself with a significantly better result than the G4 minitower and clearly detaching the iMac 500. To finish, the Cube makes its first position even in the overall performance test, which is used to test the overall speed of the machine, in essence how much better (or worse) ) the machine could go into general use compared to another. What key to give to the results? Certainly the Cube is also positioned as a performance on that intermediate market segment, consisting of those who use the machine for work or for advanced domestic applications, where the time taken to perform a task is nevertheless an important parameter, but without seeking that indispensable exasperation only to those who absolutely need the computing power: those who work in 3D and those who spend the day with Photoshop in front, for all of them we have the G4 MP.

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