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How Candy Crush Soda Saga works

Playing style faithful to the original, but with drinks and teddy bears trapped in honey for new ways and game strategies. For now there are 135 levels, and free


If you can no longer do withoutcandy Crush Saga, the most successful smartphone game of the last two years and that only in the last quarter earned 264 million dollars, you are probably going to develop an addiction even from the bubbles. Is called Candy Crush Soda Saga and the new title of the series launched this week for both iOS (App Store) and Android (Google Play Store). The game, free, adds new mechanisms with respect to the standard and structured formula on 135 levels of play. Just like in the original, producer King plans to progressively add new ones expansions.

As in the standard version, by combining (at least) three identical candies in horizontal or vertical, candies are eliminated, points are earned and achievements are reached in order to pass to the next levels. One difference: this time the new candies appear both from the bottom and from the top. On the screen there are also colored carbonated beverage bottles, to which of course we owe the name of the game and in particular of the new mode, called precisely soda. The additional play function combine the bottles with the candies for raise the soda level on the screen.

Even if the style of play does not change and the setting is that of the original, some small changes enough to make a difference. Among the new objectives is to be able to fill the entire grid with soda, or free up, making them rise to the surface destroying the sweets that surround them, innocent trapped teddy bears. In other cases, instead, the gummy bears will be hidden behind ice and icing and, like a naval battle, they will have to be found by coupling candies. Others, however, will be entangled in honey.

Teddy bears play an increasingly important role as we proceed with levels, and often the challenge to understand where they are, so you know which part of the level to focus on. Here one must proceed by trial and error.

Furthermore, when you combine six or more candies together, you will have a special booster. Take the case where the booster was made from six blue candies. If we match it with a normal green candy, all the green ones they will immediately become blue.

They are small things, on the whole of the game, but they are enough to give a quite different gaming experience compared to the original version. Candy Crush Soda Saga is also a bit more complicated than the version without Soda, so it should keep the players attached to the screen even more long.


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