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Griffin, chameleons iPod cases

Griffin, camaleonti iPod cases logomacitynet1200wide 1

Griffin focuses on customized iPod cases. The American company known for a series of accessories particularly to enter the very rich and in some ways chaotic and certainly competitive market of the linings, in fact chooses a series of fanciful designs with a product significantly called Chamaleon

These are both colored and black and white cases with the most diverse motifs: fruit, ornamental motifs, crossings of colors. In all, there are 16 different designs in a "completely different * case," says Griffin * from everything seen on the market to date ".

Unlike the many colored stickers that are used for customization, Griffin cases are made of high-strength polyvinyl material. Despite the robust protection offered, the Chamaleon cases allow you to control all iPod functions and operate on the touch-sensitive wheel. Included in the price ($ 14.99 in the US market) is a belt clip and a neck strap.

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