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Google improves the Calendar for Android

Definitely more appealing look and intelligent features. Finally an update of one of the most useful apps for Google users: the Calendar

One of the flaws of the native Android app is the calendar, which is decidedly not smart. To Google they knew and they remedied: available an update (already integrated in the device with Android Lollipop, coming for Android 4.1 and iOS) that makes do a nice qualitative leap to one of the most useful applications ever.

The look is much more appealing and the functions much more advanced. The main one consists in connection with emails: if you bought a concert ticket for December 6th, the event will automatically appear on that date. With a lot of photos and maps.

The same artificial intelligence mechanism works with the rubric: if we usually run on Friday night with a group of friends, the Calendar understands it and while typing the event predicts it consciously.


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