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Google improves Maps and Drives

Maps and cloud storage evolve a few small steps in the latest Play Services update. Here are the details

play-servicesAndroid smartphones become a little smarter. For some time now the home of Mountain View has accustomed the users of its mobile devices to find themselves a few more gems on their gadget without needing to update the operating system: Play Services a fundamental piece of Google's operating system, which on one hand has the power to unlock important features, and on the other hand it can be updated as a common app. The latest version 6.5 has a few hours of life and brings several improvements.

The Map they become more agile to consult and use: a toolbar immediately makes it accessible to turn-by-turn directions for the destination just searched, while in third-party apps it is now possible to view a preview in the form of a bitmap (or non-interactive) image of the portion of interested map. The evolution also evolves Drive storage service, which now makes it easier to search for files stored in the cloud and is more sensitive to energy savings. Finally it is possible to choose the type of network (wifi or cellular) and power supply (battery or electricity network) through which to perform the synchronizations in suspension. Improvements under the hood they also relate to Google Wallet and Fit, the fitness platform that launched its app last month.

The installation of Play Services 6.5 will take place over the next few days on Android devices without going through the Play Store. No warning or notification then: the new features will simply pop up on their own from the apps concerned.


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