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Google Copresence also shares files between Android and iOS

The new feature will allow you to send files, links and data between devices, breaking down the barriers between operating systems

(Photo: Google)(Photo: Google)

Google has a new service ready for its users. It is about Copresence, a method for share files between devices. Still not available, but those from Android Police found it by sifting through the code of the latest Mountain View apps.

Despite the advances in technology, the passage of data between one gadget and another has never been easy, between Bluetooth that do not pair, restrictions on what can be sent and barriers between operating systems. Copresence wants solve these problems with a simple authentication method and extended compatibility even outside the Google ecosystem.

The devices can be recognized on the basis of proximity, a verifiable factor through bluetooth or the positioning information of the two devices. The actual passage of the data instead uses the Wi-Fi network or a direct wi-fi connection. Copresence allow you to share maps, music, photos and much more. And while on the one hand Copresence remembers Apple's rival Airdrop very closely, it must be said that the latter is limited by the fact that it only works between Apple devices. The new feature of Google instead designed to be adopted by individual app developers even outside of Android.

Copresence has not yet been formalized: it is probable that even the name is not the definitive one. According to Androidpolice we should know more in the next weeks, close to the launch of Android 5.0 Lollipop.


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