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Funb3rs, your next obsession

Forget Ruzzle, Candy Crush and even 2048: today comes an intriguing game about numbers invented in Brianza

Photo: MIxelPhoto: MIxel

He wants to become a new viral game and maybe make it. We have tried it in preview and find it fun, simple to understand, well developed and potentially viral. Let's talk about Funb3rs, social game in the form of an app, available free for iOS, Android and Amazon that is launched today worldwide.

As the word suggests, Funb3rs tries to combine numbers and fun: in front of a grid of numbers, the purpose create the most exact amounts dragging your finger on this grid, so as to overcome your friends.

Developed in Brianza by two companies in partnership that started with a ?physical? game (Pytagora), Funb3rs has an interesting story behind it, which we went on to find by talking directly with the creators, Massimo Cassamagnaga (Account Director of Mixel) is Emanuele Pessi (founder of CreativaMente).

The game seems clearly inspired by Ruzzle, but can you tell us about your other source of inspiration, Pytagora? What is left of the educational function of the original game in Funb3rs?

Emanuele Pessi replies: "Pytagora is a puzzle-based game that contains the numbers 0 to 9 and the operators of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The aim is to create sequences of arithmetical equalities by composing the tiles together. This is a game that allows us to develop the aptitude for logic and reasoning and this is certainly an element that was inherited directly from Funb3rs. In addition to the element of challenge present in the playful application, in fact, one of its most interesting aspects is that even after very few matches users realize they are much better at composing arithmetic sums ?.

Funb3rs is born from the union of physical and digital world. How did you mix the two? What problems do you encounter in such an operation?

Massimo Cassamagnaga answers: "Cross-media not only digital or television, indeed. For our part we immediately perceived the enormous potential of the physical game transposition on mobile platforms. The beauty of the challenge was to turn these potentialities into the mobile opportunity, whose interaction modes add fun dimensions. In fact we kept Pytagora's winning layout (the competition, the mental challenge …) and we designed a mobile game suitable for all players: in our tests over the past few months we have discovered that Funb3rs also captures those who thought they didn't know how to deal with larithmetics ?.

What is your business philosophy with respect to the game world?

?Propose games that are first and foremost fun, but that are full of stimuli and allow the user to enjoy a gaming experience as complete as possible. According to AESVI data, about half of Italian videogame production focuses on mobile: it is an increasingly fierce market and it is of fundamental importance for us to develop exciting and distinguishing games ?.

How did you develop Funb3rs? How many idle attempts before finding the right formula?

"The design process of the game lasted several weeks. The key point is to know that in reality what we have achieved is only a solid base on which to build, thanks to the help of the players, many new and amusing game modes. We have worked a lot on usability and interaction, because the luck of a game like Funb3rs lies in its simplicity of use. The testers have shown us how to be more and more attracted to them. For this game, on the designer board we wrote the mantra Make it simple, make it funny. "

Has physical closeness with your CreativaMente partners played a role in getting to know you, in the design and development of the game?

"Absolutely s. Offices 15 minutes away helped a lot. But above all the experience (in gaming and IT) as well as the common vision and culture have been and are fundamental. it was like we had always worked together ?.

Pessi intervenes: "One of the most interesting things about this project was the continuous dialogue between two companies both operating in the gaming sector, but coming from a more traditional and concrete path, on the one hand, and more modern and technological, on the other. In the development of Funb3rs, since the first idea developed with the president of Mixel Mario Fumagalli, we have influenced each other on the basis of our respective experiences and we are very satisfied with the result.

Numbers and mathematics are more and more protagonists of the games. How do they enrich us?

?Mathematics has always been a fundamental tool to stimulate the mind and keep it occupied in a positive way, the challenge to create tools that allow us to use its properties while offering a source of fun and engaging entertainment. Also for this reason we are witnessing an increase in the offer of games based on numbers, which are by definition universal and which allow, among other things, to easily overcome any language barrier ?.

After this launch what developments do you foresee?

Cassamagnaga answers:"The goal we set ourselves for the future is to make the interaction between players ever more fun and varied. I myself am a lover of board games, precisely because of the true and genuine sociality that derives from it. A game like Funb3rs allows you to play with people from all over the world and its power just the universality of the language it uses, and this simplifies things a lot ".


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