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For the Mactorola launch on July 25th?

Will July 25 launch date for the new Motorola phone with iTunes? The hypothesis is put forward by some sites that note that on that date the traditional event is scheduled with which the Schaumburg company takes stock of its range of products every year and presents the news for the future.

The appointment, which will be broadcast live at 7 pm, Central Daylight Time (two in the morning in Italy), the same one used last year by Motorola to present the agreement with Apple and herald the compatibility of some of its phones with the digital music player of Cupertino. Then the CEO Ed Zander had connected via videoconference with Steve Jobs to present to the press and to the analysts the contents of the pact of which, at the moment it is still to see the fruits.

The fact that the presentation is, as always, present Zander, suggests to some site that we can repeat the situation of last year, with Jobs appearing on a screen announcing jointly with the CEO of Motorola the availability of the phone.

The possibility that the Mactorola may appear on July 25 considerably strengthened by Schaumburg's previous announcements that the phone will be available by summer.