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Elio everywhere, but not yet on iTunes

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For a year Elio and the Storie Tese (25 years of activity) are a musical group disconnected from the music majors, because the music is published alone.

In November 2004 Apple launched the iTunes Music Store in Italy and chose Gigi d'Alessio and, indeed, Elio and the Storie Tese as testimonial of the event.

Currently on the iTunes Music Store you can buy all the songs from as many as twelve records by D'Alessio, Elio and Storie Tese.

Today the panorama for the Milanese band is as follows: on their site they sell digital music together with the "famous" brul CDs pre-compiled by the fans (12 euros), they sell "instant DVDs" as soon as the live performances end (18 euros ), sell digital music at concerts by filling USB sticks (8 euros) or by selling them from 128 MB already complete with songs (20 euros), they sell the download of their live movies through RossoAlice and finally two songs are available through the mobile phones of 3 .

Anywhere but not iTunes.

Fans of Elio and Tese Storie must continue to believe that "nothing prevents our music from coming to iTunes" or they have to adapt and buy their music and videos from platforms that are not compatible with Mac or through methods that really have little to what to do with virtual digital music stores?

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