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Duolingo, now also on Windows Phone

The app to learn English for free and in a fun way now also available for Windows Phone users

(Photo: Duolingo)(Photo: Duolingo)

If you have a Windows Phone smartphone you no longer have excuses for not knowing English – or Spanish, French, German or Portuguese. Duolingo, the free application used by 1.75 million Italians to learn the language of the old Albion, has just launched its version for the Microsoft operating system.

nominated best app of 2013 both for the App Store and for Google Play, one of the most popular free platforms of the moment to learn languages. One of the keys to its success lies in the gamificatione in the repetition: lapp transforms the study of language into a complete activity of points, rankings, and lives like in video games.

Now the developers have wanted to meet the growing trend both in the Peninsula market, and in the global one, which sees more and more users choose Windows Phone (today they are 17% in Italy). Furthermore, this platform is also the most widespread system in developing countries that are beginning to experiment with the first services of the network, surely interesting customers for Duolingo, which offers a simple way tolearning English and other languages ??at no cost.

The Duolingo app is already downloadable from the Windows Phone store.


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