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Distraction or next availability?

Distraction or next availability?

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As we know, the ATI Radeon was to be a BTO option for the Cube, then ATI's revelations on the eve of Jobs' KeyNote in New York, made the CEO angry to the point that ATI Radeon's indications as an option were even erased by pen illustrative brochures of the machines and the space of ATI during KeyNote was brutally suppressed. Now we return to talk about Radeon, perhaps available for the Paris Expo, and loitering on the Apple Store we even find a page that explains the advantages of mounting a Radeon as an alternative to the ATI 128 on the Cube. If we ask to take a Cube BTO, in fact, to the indication of the graphic card we find only the ATI 128, but asking for more information we read the description of both the ATI 128 and the ATI Radeon, which is indicated as the best choice for those who need a card with absolute performance. The question to ask: how come so long after the page still online if Apple did not intend to offer the card as an option? An oversight would be legitimate, but not after more than a month and not before the presentation of the card itself.

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