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Digitalic X the event: May 25th / Studi TV RAI Milano

Digitalic X: the May 25 event

The Digitalf X 2017 storfy

There were 4659 tweets during the Digitalic X 2017 live broadcast, 5,400 even counting those of the days immediately before the event, it was not possible to collect them all. We have created a storify with the most significant ones, the most fun with the most interesting comments.

Digitalic X a unique event, which takes place in the wonderful TV studios of Rai di Milano. At Digitalic X different characters, with different backgrounds (scientists, startuppers, bloggers, music bands and even robots) will tell how digital is changing our culture and ours societ.Each new digital technology that is introduced modifies, partly or completely, an activity carried out by people. As a result, the way people interact, communicate, create, inform, work and then live changes. With Digitalic X we will try to understand what changes await us, how to deal with them and how to make the best of them.

You can watch live an event that can inspire you, make you think but also entertain you.

The DigitalicX 2017 / Social Innovation format

Through the interviews we will try to understand how our way of evaluating, our habits, our creativity are modified by digital tools. We will also tackle the topic of Artificial Intelligence in its various forms and how people will interact with AI (Artificial Intelligence), through the software but also through the Robots.

In addition to the guests interviewed on stage, the format also includes official commentators: i judges of Digitalic X, who will intervene to express their opinion, add details and collect comments from social media.

A Social event

The constant connection with social networks (#DigitalicX) will allow us to understand what people think about these issues and which innovations are changing the way they work, learn and live. #DigitalicX.

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Guests of Digitalic X

Luca Parmitano, AstronautPiergiorgio Odifreddi, Mathematician and essayistBarbara Mazzolai, ScientistRudy Bandiera, BloggerPepper, Relational robotPaola Marzario, Founder and CEO of Brandon FerrariPietro Paganini, EconomistFrancesca Moriani, Ad of Var GroupMoseek, Musical Band

Annalisa Monfreda, Director of Donna ModernaSettimio Benedusi, PhotographerFranz Russo, Blogger

Presents Francesco Marino, founder of Digitalic