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Cubes as if it were raining

diciembre 1, 2019

Cubes as if it were raining –

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The Cube sells well, very well indeed, but it does not seem to have breached PC users or is conquering new users of the platform. This is the result of a survey launched by ZDNet.

According to the site from the first moment the Cubes were purchased mainly by old users of MacOs, in particular creatives and professionals looking for a second machine to be included in their network or an innovative product to be placed on the desk. There are also, to read the interviews published by ZDNet, users of G3 or even older systems that have decided to switch to the Cube to update their fleet. For many the doubt almost Hamletic whether to buy a biprocessor or a Cube and therefore it does not appear correct to support, as someone has done, that the latter could end up invading the iMac market segment. Indeed, in the opinion of some retailers, the Cube seems to almost complete the iMac line by providing an alternative to those who are looking for something more in terms of performance and monitor size but do not need to switch to a G4.

Among the various opinions and impressions only one thing is certain, at least for now the Cube is selling big. There are many pre-orders, some of which date back to when the Cube was presented last July. And it doesn't seem that anyone is worrying about the fact that Apple will soon start selling the 500 MHz version from its online store. Due to its characteristics and its price, according to most of the interviewees, do not compete with the 450 Mhz processor version. Rather, it could erode market shares of biprocessor versions of the G4 that do not seem to have convinced power users much, at least always according to the ZDNet article. Many of them, in fact, focus on the G4 / 400 judging an excellent compromise between price and performance, given that for now very few applications (including the MacOs) exploit its features.

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