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Car phone holder for iPhone and Android Mpow CD slot

You never know where to put your phone when you get in the car. It is a problem that we all have and the solutions are many. So far I have used at least five different solutions with cell phone holders to attach to the front glass or in the air-conditioned air grille. Do you know what has never satisfied me with these solutions? It is the precariet of the support with the suction cup that in the sun continually broke off or the solution of the unstable grid. I had the opportunity to try a pcar cell phone for the company's SlotCDMPOW.

For me it was an absolute novelty. I did not know this solution and I must say the truth that I was not really convinced that it could satisfy me. In this article I want to tell you how it turned out.

Car mobile phone holder for SlotCD Mpow

Car phone holder 1

At the opening of the package came a simple object in the structure but good quality. The PSlotCD car cell phone has a thin band that is used to fit into the slot of the car's CD player. The part that comes out consists of a 360 rotating head with a mobile phone arm. The support accompanied by three rubber shims to adapt the device to different models of CD players. The legitimate concern of ruining the reader, but precisely the rubber base of the support avoids any type of damage to the CD slot.

Car phone holder 2

Needless to say, this solution only applies to cars with a CD player. Now listen to music from the CD passed, then the reader, for many, unused. Whoever does not have the reader, inevitably must turn to different solutions such as those indicated at the beginning. The cell phone holder fits perfectly into my car's CD player, without the need for additional adapters. It all seemed very solid, from the joint in the slot to the rotating head that allows you to put the phone even in horizontal mode. In many solutions, the head cannot keep the device stable, with continuous phone drops.

Car phone holder 3

Even when the car is moving, there is a situation of stability of the mobile phone with slight vibrations. I used the phone holder with an iPhone 6S and the phone is optimally supported, but this solution is valid with any other device, because it is easily adaptable thanks to the seals with adjustable springs. Also, easy to use, even with one hand and very comfortable to reach with your fingers compared to many other suction mounts. Support compatible with all types of smartphones including all iPhones and Android devices up to 5.5 inches in size of the screen.

If this happensuniversal mobile phone slot for the company's SlotCDMpow has convinced you, you can buy it on Amazon from the following link.