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Blog post titles. Do you know how to write them well?

Practical tips and examples of blog post titles. Here are tips on how to create effective titles for your blog and tests to do.

Titles for blogs, a nice dilemma to solve. How to write effective titles one of the first questions you get when you start to understand how important it is to be found by the right people

by Valentina Falcinelli

This #ARUBAIT, the column created in collaboration with on the most interesting trends in the world of technology and the web. Here the tips for write blog post titles let them read to you.

Titles for blog posts, statistics

A statistic says that 8 people out of 10 read the title of an blog post. Only 2 continue further, reading the rest of the copy. Ogilvy, the famous British copywriter, did not write less than 16 headlines per ad. He said that changing the headline can mean a difference in sales from ten to one.

How to write effective blog titles

What does this mean? Well, it means that if you have a corporate blog you must pay great attention to the choice of the arguments obviously and the way in which you present them, starting with the note from the headline, by title.

Ideas for persuasive titles

In this study you will find gods advice for to write titles let them read and ask them to read the rest of your corporate blog posts.

Don't be didactic

A title not a caption. A title must wring the eye to the reader. He must speak to him, as if he were speaking to him, exclusively to him. It must contain, as we will soon see, a benefit, an element that arouses curiosity, a question In short, something that makes it conversational, in some way.

Examples of catchy and unattractive titles

Titles like: – Write a title for blog post – Headline for blog post – Blog post: write a titon don't work. And they don't work because they are too much didactic, cold, impersonal, empty.

Better to avoid.

Don't be too creative with blog titles

At the antipodes of the didactic title c the title (excessively) creative. Readers do not want to waste time decoding a message; they want the message to reach them crystal clear, clean, direct.

Ideas for blog titles

Having said that, it is important that you, in the design phase of yours headline, you remember not being too didactic and cold or too creative and whimsical. As the ancients would say, on average stat virtus. To understand how to find this middle way, keep reading because an is coming council clarifier.

Make the reader curious

The aforementioned Ogilvy said that there is a greater chance that the reader will stop to read the rest of the announcement if the headline intrigues him (source: Confessions of an advertiser). Now you just need to replace the word ad with blog post and I think you can understand the meaning of this statement.

Examples of effect titles

A curiosity headline, or a title that captures attention using the lever of curiosity, has these characteristics: – It does not reveal everything at once but, in the perspective of clarity, not even too ambiguous. – It can launch a sort of challenge to the reader. – It can contain a question.

Some examples: – The best example of brand storytelling ever. – Blog strategy: 5 tips that no one would ever give you. – 10 things you don't know about washing machine cleaning. – Secrets about SEO you don't know (yet).

Enter a benefit in the title

We all read a content based on two needs: – the need to solve a problem – the need to have fun.

A corporate blog that aims to do well content marketing should contain articles that meet both needs. A good way to write effective titles is to insert, within them, a benefit for the reader. Benefit, let us remember, connected to one of the aforementioned needs.

Some example of a title that can help you

– How you can lose weight with a 1,500 kcal diet – 5 solutions to say goodbye to labyrinthitis – Why chiropractic really works against sciatica – A short and complete guide to the Jobs Act.

Remember the SEO

We are talking about titles for blog posts, so it is essential that your headlines: – contain within them the topic (with relative keyword). – if they match the page title, they should be at most 60 characters long.

Try your blog post titles

For the next titles of your post company blogs, practice, try to put these tips into practice and never, ever, ever settle for the first headline. Do you know what Hemingway said about the first draft of anything? No? Try googling it and you will understand.Titles for effective post blogs