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Beam, the chat app shows in real time what you're writing

The application, for now only for Android, reveals your thoughts, showing the message while you write it, letter by letter

Never happened, while you are on WhatsApp for example, in the middle of a turned on conversation, that your interlocutor begins to write for a long, long time? A time that seems endless, because you can't see the time for him to write something. While the only thing that appears "is writing?".

An unnerving wait, because now we are more and more impatient and more and more frantic.

is writing.001

From this perspective, Beam is a beautiful Android application: a real instant messaging App. The messages of the other are displayed at the same time as they are written, letter after letter, typo after typo, and even before one thinks back and cancels everything. Do you know Google Docs? Here, a very similar thing, but more exciting. And even more impertinent.

This peculiarity transforms the very idea of ??messaging, making text chat much more similar and close to a verbal conversation, in real-time. The wait is killed and, consequently, even that thin line of "Who knows what to say, who knows what he's writing".

With Beam you and your message partner, you will no longer have barriers or walls of tolerance: any bad word written in a moment of anger, any joke (too bad to be really forwarded) will still be visible and delivered, even if you decide to delete it. Thinking about it, Beam even more violent than a conversation in real time: when you look into your eyes, even if you are very, very angry, furious and angry, we think and count up to 10 before talking about it. With Beam difficult, because even a message not delivered however a message read.


The same creators of Beamdefine this total transparency as radical,and not everyone is willing to make the brain and fingers travel at the same speed.

There is an app similar to Beam and is called Ansa: as for SnapChat, messages and photos are deleted a few seconds after pressing the enter key. But we are still far from what Beam actually does.


Ansa and SnapChat intentionally and deliberately allow you to be "off the record" because so much you know you have "covered shoulders" and you are sure to want to say and share those things (even sconce) just because then no trace will remain (screenshots and hackers excluded). Beam does not give you this possibility: Beam also exposes your non-intentionality.Besides, how many times, before publishing a status on Facebook, do you delete, rewrite, delete and then publish?

For now Beam available only for Android. But don't worry (or maybe s?): An iOS version already in the works.


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