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Aukey Wireless Optical Mouse

wireless mouse

In a previous article we saw how to connect a bloutooth mouse to a computer with Windows 10. In that specific case we considered the connection of the Apple mouse to the PC through the direct connection to the computer's bluetooth.

If you also don't want to have limitations due to a wired mouse connection, you can use the different ways to connect a wireless mouse to your computer. In this article we see how to connect the Aukey wireless optical mouse to your Windows or Mac computer. To connect, the USB micro receiver that came with the same device will be used.

There are two different connection methods, the first via bluetooth without a receiver at a higher cost, the second, via wireless connection with the use of a receiver, at a cheaper price.

Aukey Wireless Optical Mouse

Aukey Wireless Optical Mouse

If you have decided not to spend a lot to buy a wireless mouse, then I advise you to consider the Aukey mini optical mouse with USB micro receiver easy to configure.

The AUKEY Wireless optical mouse has an ergonomic design with rubber side grips for excellent grip. Very light mouse, designed to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. With its 6 keys, it makes it easy to view pages on the internet, either by scrolling the page using the scroll wheel, or by browsing the pages of the browser back and forth using the two side keys.

The keys are well made and react well to their pressure, even the wheel runs well. If the sensitivity does not match your needs, you can always change it in the settings from the Windows control panel.

You can also adjust the DPI by pressing the appropriate button above the wheel to switch the three sensitivity and speed levels (800-1200-1600).

The Aukey optical mouse works with an AA battery (not included) and the dimensions are 53 x 32 x 2.1 mm and it weighs 65g. In the package you can find, in addition to the manual in Italian, the USB micro receiver, which you will have to insert in a computer port to immediately activate the mouse. Another interesting aspect is the energy saving function, which comes into operation after eight minutes that no movement is detected, favoring a longer battery life. Just move the mouse to reactivate it immediately.

The optical mouse can be used without difficulty even without a mat, directly on the table surface. When you have to carry it along with your laptop, you can remove the micro-receiver from the USB port and insert it easily in the appropriate housing below the mouse.

The Aukey optical mouse can be purchased on Amazon at a very affordable price, considering the good quality / price ratio.

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