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Aukey Nylon Type C USB cable: review

USB cable Type C

The Type C USB port is slowly replacing the old microUSB connector on smartphones, tablets and various accessories. Possessing several devices with this port, I am gearing up buying a new one USB cable Type C for each device, useful for positioning in the car for example so you don't have to remember every time to bring a cable for recharging. Since I got to try Nylon Lightning cables for iPhone and iPad, I am inclined to buy only cables made with this material, as they are more durable and long-lasting. Also for the USB cable Type C I was no exception and I decided to buy the USB Type C Nylon cable made and sold by the company Aukey.

After trying it for several weeks I would like to share my thoughts with you, hoping to convince you why a cable made of Nylon is better than the classic plastic-coated cables, which are generally supplied in the packaging of new technological products.

USB Type C cable in Aukey nylon

The Nylon Lightning cable made by the company Aukey differs from the normal cables for the covering material that is used to cover the electric cables. Instead of the classic plastic found on normal cables on the market, in this product it is preferred to use Nylon threads which, properly interwoven, cover the entire surface of the cable.

USB Type C cable in Aukey nylon

To raise the quality of the product we find the metal, used to cover the USB connector on one side and Type C on the other. If you are wondering if the Nylon makes the cable lose its flexibility, the answer is not. The way they were "twisted"The threads make the product highly flexible, not creating any kind of problem during daily use. When I used cables covered in plastic in the past, over time these quickly worn out with the consequent breaking of the coating, especially near the connectors. This is not the case with Nylon cables. In two weeks of use I have not noticed sagging (I tried to bend the cable several times) and this gave me guarantees that I do not tend to fray, as is the case with other types of traditional cables.

cable resistance type c

On the technical side, the Type C USB cable manufactured by Aukey supports the 3.0 protocol, which guarantees maximum speed of file transfer (if the devices are compatible with this speed) and maximum charging speed of smartphones, tablets and PCs that are recharged via this port such as Apple's MacBook.


In conclusion, the Nylon Lightning cable produced by Aukey has fully met my expectations. Nylon and metal give the product a premium appearance and allow the cable to be used in all types of situations without worrying about damaging it.

Nylon Lightning cable

If you need to buy a new one USB Type C Nylon cable, I suggest you try the Aukey product, which you can find on Amazon at the following link.

This cable can also be used together with the Type C wall charger to quickly load a notebook via the Type-C USB port. Type C port up to 46 W compatible with Power Delivery 3.0 fast charge technology. The pack of three one-meter cables can be purchased on Amazon at the following link.