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Apple with

That Macs are the machines most loved by creatives of all kinds is not a mystery, they have always been the most productive, easy to use and now, with firewire, exceptional tools for creating digital video.

But since Steve Jobs decided to give more personality to the new CPUs with the release of iMac, computers with apple have become more recognizable, (and this generates sales), more colorful (and this increases the recognition) more beautiful from use to enrich environments from an aesthetic point of view (see the last IKEA catalog or that of innumerable furniture manufacturers).

Let's not forget the fact that in setting up a photo or film set, Apple's CPUs are the ones that creatives know best, know how to illuminate, how to combine with complementary or in-tone colors, and above all, since they are used every day they are the easiest to carry on the shooting scene.

These are some of the reasons why we will see more and more Macs in advertising and all this does nothing but benefit Apple … so much so that this will always have no need for "proper" TV advertising.

There is no better way to grow the consumer market than to make the computer an everyday object that you find in the children's room, in the home office or small office or even in the kitchen as in Barilla's advertising.

Surely this is the most Mac-centric spot we've seen: husband and wife who "talk" thanks to a blue iBook (for her) and a PowerBook (for him) thousands of miles away.

And the two Macs serve as trait-d'union to recreate a family concept (in this case with a virtual link) that has always been present in the Barilla campaigns.

This time there are no country houses or kittens to save from the rain. This time there are two Macs with a soft and non-intrusive aspect that connect the kitchen of an Italian home and an apartment in the London city.

Forget for a moment Athloni, Duroni, Celeroni and various Pentiumi, let's leave behind the Mhz fever … this is pure poetry for us Mac users …

I forgot … if you want to report Mac appearances on the media use our forum: we have long set up a section entitled "I saw a Mac"