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Amazfit Stratos feature-rich fitness tracker

Amazfit Stratos

Amazfit has demonstrated its ability to create good products at affordable prices like Amazfit Bip which we have already reviewed in this article. Now with Amazfit Stratos fitness tracker, the company is taking its fitness trackers to the next level with a watch that offers multi-sport support, measurements of V02max oxygen consumption and a partnership with Strava that will satisfy sports-goers.

Amazfit Stratos feature-rich fitness tracker at an affordable price

Of course, the move towards a series of more professional wearable devices also involves an increase in price compared to what we are used to seeing with Amazfit. For, compared to the competition, this product is sold at a much lower price. In addition to all the extra features, it has some design elements that we are used to seeing on a higher-end smartwatch. Let's find out more about this interesting fitness tracker.

Although not the easiest to use fitness tracker, the Stratos is an incredibly feature-rich wearable device that can be compared to Garmin and Polar products with its enormous amount of support for sports activities. Amazfit Stratos equipped with a 1.2 GHz processor, 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB of storage memory.


As we saw in our review, Amazfit Bip looks very similar to the Apple Watch until it is looked more closely, but the Stratos he has his own smartwatch style, both inside and out.

Similar to a large and bulky first-generation Wear OS smartwatch, the Stratos proudly shows off its round appearance with a large dial and a clearly visible frame, not in awe or in an attempt to hide it.

Amazfit Stratos fitness tracker 2

Built with a polished ceramic bezel surrounding the scratch-resistant 2.5D Gorilla glass dial, Stratos exudes an undeniably premium aesthetic that will attract the attention of smartwatch enthusiasts. But it offers much more than just design: built-in stainless steel buttons and a carbon fiber engraving around its case, the really sturdy Stratos as it seems.

Despite the robustness, surprisingly light, it weighs only 70 grams, and its always-active display has a 1.3-inch touchscreen, rather large and easy to read thanks to a contrasting visibility and with backlight, even if the viewing angles are not they are excellent.

For a wearable focused on fitness at this price, it's difficult to ask for something simpler than what Stratos offers. But if you're used to wearables like Fitbit Ionic or Apple Watch, this will seem cumbersome to you.

Amazfit Stratos fitness tracker 3

Fortunately, the Stratos has a comfortable fit, even when tied tight enough to get an accurate reading of the heart rate.

On the back of this fitness tracker there is a heart rate sensor and a charging port. Even if the sensor protrudes a little from the frame, it has no effect on comfort and it could be this type of design that allows this device to obtain reliable heart rate readings.

Amazfit Stratos fitness tracker 20


When it comes to actually using Amazfit Stratos, those who are comfortable with smartwatch interfaces will probably feel confused by what is offered by this device. Similar at times to Wear OS, it is difficult at times to have a clear idea of ??how to navigate between the men or where to go to look for the various functions.

Of course, the app Amazfit Watch, to be necessarily installed on the smartphone, guides you, but you will probably have to practice before it becomes a natural navigation.

Amazfit Stratos fitness tracker 4

The highest button enclosed in a red seal also the power button, but also acts to navigate backwards in the user interface, which has 13 pages that can be ordered as desired (although it is possible to disable those that are not deemed necessary through the Amazfit Watch app). Opposite the power button, there is another button that can navigate in the other direction in the interface. Alternatively, once you press the power button, which acts to unlock the clock, you can scroll with your finger: a much easier option.

Using the touchscreen to navigate between the men is the easiest way to get around some Stratos difficulties, but it is a bit difficult during the sport activity. In these cases it is worthwhile to learn also the use of the buttons.

Like most fitness trackers, Amazfit Stratos is also compatible with iOS and Android smartphones. But unlike the others, Stratos can do more without being synchronized with your phone. able to monitor activities with its dedicated GPS chip and you can listen to music stored locally with a set of wireless Bluetooth headphones.

Amazfit Stratos fitness tracker 5

You will still need to initialize it with the app Amazfit Watch – strangely, the Mi Fit app used by other Amazfit wearable devices, with this device not used. The app allows you to more easily customize the dials and other settings that are much more difficult to access on the watch itself.

Amazfit Stratos fitness tracker 6

In terms of clock battery life, it obviously depends a lot on how you use it. Amazfit announces a five-day battery expectation. This result is difficult to achieve if you use it often or daily with the GPS sensor and heart rate monitoring. By activating the GPS, the continuous detection of the heart rate and the streaming of music via Bluetooth, the battery life of about three days. If you use it simply as a watch, the duration can be up to about a week. The charging time of about 2.5 hours.


If you are looking for a device on the market that should be a reliable gym companion, you will immediately realize how expensive most of the available options are.

For about half the price of other solutions, the Stratos is very well equipped in the fitness sector. As for the types of training, you can follow them natively, including running, walking, cycling, swimming, treadmill, mountaineering and trekking, indoor running, triathlon, tennis, soccer and skiing. Automatically track daily steps, distance traveled, calories burned, heart rate, sleep quality and optional reminder functions.

Amazfit Stratos fitness tracker 7

If you wish, with this smartwatch you can improve your fitness. For example, the bottom button on the Stratos allows you to start the LAP function. You will be able to time the repetitive activities if you are trying to get a shorter time by running around the local pond. Obviously, something like that useful in swimming in the pool, that a workout you can do without worries thanks to the waterproofness of this watch, resistant to water pressure up to five atmospheres.

GPS and GLONASS tracking is not the fastest we've seen: it takes about 15-20 seconds to find the signal. But you can start your workout while starting in the background. Having said that, it is very accurate, maintains a solid connection and we liked the export function in GFX which allows us to watch our monitored workouts on the computer. At the end of the training we will also have the track that we have traveled on a map.

Amazfit Stratos fitness tracker 8

Are you a Strava user? If so, you will appreciate the fact that the Stratos can easily connect to the service, obtaining statistics from the clock after you have installed it. But if you are not a Strava user, the Amazfit app does a decent job of displaying your statistics, offering tracking of every type of training achieved.

If you want to squeeze the utility out of Stratos as much as possible, the built-in heart rate sensor does a good job. Continuous heart rate detection is turned off by default to save battery power, but turning it on will give you a constant data flow.

Amazfit Stratos fitness tracker 9

In addition, the Stratos comes with support for synchronizing with Bluetooth accessories such as heart straps, as well as the ability to track the V02max, or the amount of oxygen that is consumed during a workout. Together with this metric, you can then evaluate your exercise to determine how much recovery time you will need to grow.

Amazfit Stratos fitness tracker 10

Finally we talk about the notifications that you can view on the Stratos display. You won't miss a single one, because everything you want to notify is notified: SMS, WhatsAppp, notifications from the app, email, etc.

Amazfit Stratos fitness tracker 11

From here you can open notifications and read them on the large screen.

The Stratos vibrate when you enter a call by displaying the caller's number. From the smartwatch you can also decide to close the call.

For whom does this smartwatch?

The Stratos for fitness users looking for something more from a wearable. It has an exaggerated smartwatch style, but underneath its sturdy shell, you'll find practically all the fitness features you're looking for, but at a lower price than the competition.

Should you buy it?

If your desire to get fit, Amazfit Stratos will be fine. For around 180, it is easy to find a cheaper wearable device, but it will be difficult to find a better value when it comes to fitness functions that work as they should.

Where to buy Amazfit Stratos

The Stratos is among the most expensive wearable devices of Amazfit, but among the cheapest in comparison with devices of the same level of functionality. Find it on the store GearBest going on this link.

Or on Amazon at the following link.