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All San Francisco apps: from dermatologist to home laundry

The Uber era produces companies that can offer home services for everything from laundry to designer clothes for rent

San Francisco – In exchange for the sack of dirty clothes, a chocolate biscuit. On the doorstep, the Washio welcome, the laundry door to door open only to online users, a little sweet consolation. After all, the app that is very popular in Californiasi is for its customers to do something they could do on their own: the washing machine.The boys of Washio, who in Silicon Valley took the lead of "Demolish the concept of traditional laundries, offering an excellent service: better, faster and above all cool", I'm the mirror of the new wave that sparked the Uber era. Services on the go that work and are activated exactly when the user wishes, with an order on the smartphone. A chocolate biscuit and an appointment for the next day: Washio receives orders with a click, withdraws, washes and folds.


Then, agreed on the phone, one of the bellboys that the company calls ninja, for speed of execution, returned the clean clothes and the receipt (all paid, of course, with a credit card) at home or in the office, the next day:6 dollars for washing / ironing a shirt, free collection and delivery with a minimum of twenty dollars. And of course, use of ecological detergents: in California it could not be otherwise.

Zeel, instead, the app started from New York (now also in San Francisco and Los Angeles) where you can book a massage at home with a professional therapist even last minute, the same day (and until 10.30 pm).

female ZMT (1)

The selection between Swedish and deep massage (between 120/130 dollars for 60 minutes of massage). The therapist rings the bell and there is a discount on the treatment if the client already has a massage table at home.

Even the dermatologist traditional goes to the attic. Only on smartphones and in America, there is an application that scans the skin (it's called Skinofmine) and through a photo sent online enables the specialist to hazard a preliminary diagnosis, by algorithm, of the pathology. In mild cases (an ugly pimple in the middle of the face on Friday night), an immediate remedy arrives (perhaps with a run in the pharmacy).

Renttherunways follows the Netflix model: there is a special occasion and it is worthwhile to wear a dress from an (expensive) designer for an evening? No need to buy it. The app organizes on the screen a small parade of models that could be used by the user (depending on size, color, designer and preferred length), the chosen dress is sent to your home in two days and the company also offers the possibility of ordering the same model in two sizes (in case one does not go well) for free.

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C a section with photos of users for each dress (so you can see how the dress is worn not only by the models). Da Dolce and Gabbana (rent a dress from the collection for $ 35 a night) and accessories by Oscar de la Renta (from 20 to 60 dollars). They define themselvesa fashion company, but with a technological soul, and on the first order there is always a 25% discount.

The creators of Seamlesse Grubhub, on the other hand, are the rulers of online food deliveries on the phone. You can select the menu through the restaurant or favorite cuisine (Thai, Mexican, Italian, organic: the choice of over 25 varieties of foodtake away) and even customize your burger (favorite bread? a box to add onions or extra cheese)."Your only effort will be to open the front door", they say.


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