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Adblock for Chrome: Google designs its own

Google, which gets most of the profits from ads, would be working on an adblock that promises to be the most powerful and effective for Chrome

A Google adblock for Chrome? It just seems to be coming. The company that earns on advertising is about to launch an adblock for Chrome, its browser and of course it promises to be the most effective of all. Some sources close to the company have informed The Wall Street Journal that Google is working to an adblock function for the Chrome browser (both for desktop and for mobile) thanks to which it will be possible to filter some types of advertisements or filter the ads of some websites, considered as harmful.

The filtering system should be based on the standards created by an organization called Coalition for Better Ads, which boasts both Google and Facebook among its members.

Based on these criteria, the new Google adblock should filter both the pop-ups and the functions of auto-play. Blocking ads, therefore, would seem apparently counter-intuitive for Google. But it's worth asking if this new feature is even an ad-blocker. In honor of the chronicle just remember that Chrome already has its own built-in pop-up block, which warns users who are about to visit sites that may contain malware.

Depending on what results from this new proposal, Google's version may still continue to function similarly to what consumers are already habitually downloading. The Journal reported that the block would affect all advertisements on those sites that could contain malicious ads.

Google has refused to clarify if it is really working on the tool which is discussed in the WS Journal. A spokesman for the technology giant has just released this comment: We are working closely with the Coalition for Better Ads to explore a multitude of ways that Google – and other coalition members – can support the best ad standards. soon to download this super adblock for Chrome, but of course it will be the most effective, if indeed will be launched.

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