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A new iFM from Griffin returns

With the new Griffin Technology iFM coming soon (after a too early announcement and subsequent cancellation) some new features will arrive for your iPod. The "old" iFM was released in 2004.

For $ 50 in the US, Griffin will sell an iPod device in a few days that, in addition to tuning into the waves of your favorite FM radio, can also record.

On the iFM there are the controls play / pause, forward, backward, next / previous song and remote adjustment of the iPod but also the "red" button that indicates the recording: it acquires on the iPod, to choice, or the radio tuned or voice, thanks to the built-in omnidirectional microphone.

The recording works at various levels, depending on the iPod generation to which the IFF is connected.

The small iFM has a metallic appearance (in aluminum) that fits so well with the silver mini iPod but of course works with all other models, iPod shuffle excluded, of course. Recording works only on third and fourth generation models as well as iPod photos, instant recording by pressing the appropriate button only on iPod photo or fourth generation.

On the front a LCD display that shows the auto-tuned frequency or a choice between the 6 stored in each band (choice of the US, Japanese or European FM band).

Griffin distributed in Italy by American Dataline.