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A keyboard under your fingers

A keyboard under your fingers

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The Cube comes with the new Italian keyboard, with the layout modified to make it similar to the PC one; the first thing that changes the arrangement of the keys Z and W, which are in the inverse position, and the M, now next to the N; another not inconsiderable change is the numbers, now available without shift. The typical characters of our language, the accented letters, are all available without shift, but grouped on the right and no longer with the ??, ?and? ?under the respective numbers. Most of the punctuation marks and symbols are also arranged differently, some reachable only with the ?alt? key such as the [email protected]? snail. The result? Writing with ten fingers and without looking at the keyboard means making a mess, a normal technical text is practically illegible, it goes a bit better trying to follow the fingers with the eyes and looking for the keys when in doubt. If the Italian layout is set from the keyboard control, the keyboard seems to return to normal, except that the symbols on the keys no longer match, the texts for scrolling away much faster and without errors 🙂 All bad? No, a lot of positive things, meanwhile the 'help' button that instantly starts the on-line help of the package we are using, as well as the 'cancel' key which deletes forward, just as easy the possibility to access symbols before available only through complex combinations.On the quality of the keyboard we expected more, the good return, the impact a p less, the impression not entirely unpleasant as on the old Apple Design, however we are light years away from the quality of the Apple Extended Keyboards ; in his defense there is to say that the panorama of competing keyboards offers a quality that is quite similar, if not worse, but with a decidedly less cool look, finally the fabulous Apple Extended Keyboard cost the handsome figure of 120,000 liras more, almost double .

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