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A Cube also from Nintendo

A Cube also from Nintendo

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Today's announcement of Nintendo's GameCube, the new gaming platform, code-named Dolphin we were talking about a few days ago, that will compete with Sony's PlayStation 2. As we said some time ago, and the specifications released today confirm this, the similarities with our macs are different, starting with the IBM PPC 400 Mhz processor in a particular Gekko version, optimized for use with games. Secondly we find an ATI chipset to supervise the graphic management of the machine, while the DVD player has a decidedly anomalous format: 8 cm in diameter (more or less like a MiniDisk) for 1.5 Gb of capacity. Probably the chosen format is the result of the need to limit as much as possible the copies of the software, using a format so anomalous it will already be difficult for those who try piracy to find the support on the market. The consideration of a few days ago remains: with similar hardware, Is it difficult for producers of gaming titles to make a conversion for the Apple platform?

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