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7 best wallet cases for iPhone XS Max

The Apple iPhone line has never been known for its convenience, but the company's latest flagship, the iPhone XS Max, still managed to shock both the media and consumers thanks to its madly price tags. highs that start from as much as $ 1099 in the United States and an even more amazing Rs. 1, 09, 900 in India. To help you protect your precious smartphone from a tragic end, we're bringing a list of the 7 best XS Max iPhone wallet cases:

The best cases for iPhone XS Max Wallet you can buy

Note : we will continue to update this list with the new cases and covers of iPhone XS Max, so be sure to check from time to time.

1. Folio leather case for iPhone XS Max

The Folio case for iPhone XS Max from Apple has an extraordinary appearance and offers a touch of class. made of specially tanned and finished European leather for a luxurious look-and-feel on the outside, while inside there is a soft microfibre lining for even greater protection. Being a wallet case, it also has enough space to hold banknotes, banknotes and various cards and compatible with wireless charging. Like any other Apple product, however, it's not cheap and carries a huge price of $ 129.

Buy from Apple: $ 129

2. CaseMate Folio Case for iPhone XS Max Wallet

The CaseMate case for iPhone XS Max Wallet Folio not only protects the back of the device, but also offers a front flap that protects the display from scratches and scratches. The case can easily store three credit or debit cards along with some cash . It can also be used as a support, allowing you to consume the hands-free media. The case is made of real leather and has a protective microfiber lining inside. available in different color options including black, red, pink and more.

Buy from Amazon: $ 39, 99

3. Case for iPhone XS Max Speck Presidio Folio in leather

The Speck Products Presidio Folio leather case with a leather exterior with European stitching which gives a premium appearance and resists wear. It is a monobloc case with a polycarbonate shell molded with shockproof IMPACCHANT rubber to protect the phone in case of a fall. It has a hidden card slot that can hold up to 3 cards for quick access. Also equipped with an integrated support that facilitates the viewing of hands-free videos.

Buy from Amazon: $ 54, 95

4. FLYEE leather case for iPhone XS Max Premium Flip Wallet

The Flye case for iPhone XS Max Wallet made of sturdy leather and has a convenient zippered pouch which makes it suitable for transporting coins and money. In addition, it has 10 card slots and pockets for credit cards, identification documents, etc. Also includes a magnetic closure mechanism to keep the phone safe. The device can also be converted into a case for FaceTime, video surveillance and messaging. The case also supports wireless charging.

Buy from Amazon: $ 13, 99

5. Wallet case for iPhone XS Max in BELKA Premium leather

The XS Max iPhone wallet case in Belka Premium leather is described as a solution "practical and lasting" designed from a carefully selected and affordable leather for strength and durability. Comes with a superior protection to avoid fingerprints, scratches and stains. The case has a hidden magnetic closure for phone safety and offers a tripod for a comfortable viewing angle.

Buy from Amazon: $ 12, 99

6. OtterBox Strada Series Case for iPhone XS Max

The OtterBox Strada series case is a bit expensive, but there is a good reason for this. Made of premium leather, it has an elegant two-tone design, offers protection from accidental falls and is soft to the touch. As a bonus, the case doubles as a minimum wallet and comes with a vertical card slot that protects a card or cash. The case has a thin profile that helps to slide in and out of the pockets with ease. The case includes the OtterBox limited lifetime warranty.

Buy from Amazon: $ 59, 95

7. Flip leather case for iPhone iPulse series for iPhone XS Max

The iPulse Wallet Leather Case for iPhone XS Max made in premium Italian full-grain leather with beautiful points e full . There is also a built-in magnetic closure mechanism to make sure it stays closed without compromising the functionality of the phone. Comes with the storage of multiple items, including 1 ID card, 2 credit cards and some money. It also offers integrated functionality to support the phone and is compatible with wireless charging.

Buy from Amazon: $ 39, 98

Protect your iPhone XS Max with these incredible wallets

The cases and covers mentioned above offer great functionality and protection for your precious iPhone XS Max. Some of these are also available in a range of different colors that should support them for the vast majority of consumers, so each of you will find a case that will be perfect for you. Check the list and let us know your favorite.