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5 best alternative apps for ES File Explorer

There are a lot of good file management apps available for Android, but an app that remained the most popular ES File Explorer choice. Thanks to its great features and zero price, the app remained at the top of the hill but, as we have learned, the free is not always good. Off late, there have been several ES File Explorer reports that add spyware to the devices, which is not confirmed and ES denies it, but it certainly makes us skeptical.

Then, there was a bloatware problem, with the new "recommended apps and games" section and with various notifications asking users to download some apps or clean up junk files. From what we've heard, not all users are confronted with these notification barges, so it could be directed to a specific geolocation. Another point against ES File Explorer is the fact that the once great app is now a hungry resource and a complicated offering. All these points have made us look for an alternative and we are pleased that there are a number of file manager apps that can fill the role of ES Explorer. We are including apps that match the features of ES File Explore and we have also ensured that these apps do not indulge in spyware or bloatware. So, here it is:

The best ES File Explorer alternatives

1. Explore solids

Solid Explorer is not as popular as ES File Explorer but certainly an alternative worthy of this. Coming from the complicated interface of ES, you will like the Material Design user interface, easy to use and beautiful on Solid. It features most of the important ES File Explorer features such as cloud support, network sharing, recycle bin, root explorer, compressed file support, etc. It also includes the ability to hide or encrypt files and folders and as ES, includes viewer for most file types.

An interesting feature on the double-pane multitasking, which divides the screen into horizontal mode, so you can easily drag and drop files between two windows. Solid Explorer also supports plugins for additional features such as transmission via Chromecast, USB OTG and, unlike ES, you can also customize the appearance of the app.

Install: (Free trial with in-app purchase of $ 0, 45 for the Premium version)

2. File Explorer FX

Another great alternative to ES File Explorer is the famous FX File Explorer. The file management app is very similar to ES, both in terms of appearance and functionality. First, the decent user interface with some touches of Material Design and something we like the possibility of increasing / reducing the size of the previews of the folders through the pinch to zoom . Like ES, FX File Explorer allows you to open most file types and supports features such as gestures, visual notes, app management, etc. We like the multitasking functionality of ES File Explorer, but FX File Explorer takes that implementation and improves it by adding interface with split view drag and drop support.

The app also supports various add-ons and while the free app has a paid FX + add-on, it offers additional features such as support for cloud synchronization, app management, ability to hide or encrypt files, etc.

Install: (Free trial with in-app purchase of $ 2.50 for the Plus version)

3. File Commander

File Commander a very rich app of file managers that makes it a valid ES File Explorer alternative. It offers common features such as file categorization, cloud synchronization support, network file sharing, USB OTG support, file compression and some advanced advanced features. The app available in a free version, but the Premium version in which all the action is located. The Premium version offers advanced features such as hiding and encrypting files, recycle bin, storage analyzer, file bookmarking, etc. While the application does not support multi-window multitasking, it allows you to continue copying and moving tasks in the background, which is sometimes at hand.

Install: (free with in-app purchase of $ 3, 99 for the Premium version)

4. Cabinet Beta

Beta Cabinet feels like fresh air, coming from the ES File Explorer rather overwhelming. Although it does not correspond to ES File Explorer when it comes to advanced features, the minimalist user interface should work for people who are looking a simple file manager . Furthermore, the simple Cabinet user interface works best thanks to its quick access to the most used functions and shortcuts. Turning to functionality, the app supports the usual file management features along with features like third-party plug-ins, root explorer, detailed properties and app customization. Overall, the beta version of Cabinet in contrast to what ES File Explorer offers and that should please some people.

Install: (Free)

5. File expert

File Expert offers an excellent mix of usual and advanced functions. It includes the usual features like file categorization, support for cloud synchronization (via plugins), compression, root explorer, customizable homepage, trash etc. But not everything, as the app contains some of its unique features such as Safebox (save private files), Super Downloader, Memory manager is wireless printer support . The app also supports plugins, with which users can go ahead and add functionality. Unlike ES, File Expert has a simple tabbed layout, which simplifies the identification of functions and files.

Install: (free with in-app purchases starting from $ 2, 99 for paid versions)

Replace ES Explorer files on your device with these alternatives

ES File Explorer a great app and we understand that the developers had to take some steps to support themselves but they could have used a different way. Well, let's hope they do things right, but until then, you have to try these alternatives because it's worth it. So what do you think? Which file management app will replace ES File Explorer on your device? Audio disabled in the comments section below.