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3350mAh RAVPower Luster Portable Battery

The summer season started and, like every year, we will spend most of our days on the beach or in the pool, or we will spend little time indoors. Considering the use we make of our smartphones today, used as navigators, cameras and music players, a single charge is no longer enough to cover the whole day and, not having a current socket available, we could find ourselves halfway through the day with the phone unloaded. Here then you have to resort to a portable battery to always have behind in case of necessity.

Among the many models on the market today, it is certainly useful, especially in this period, to have a compact and light battery with us, so that it can be carried in trouser pockets or comfortably in a small bag. If you find yourself in this situation and are looking for a power bank with these features, in this review I would like to talk about the3350mAh portable batteriesRAVPower Luster an extremely portable battery that adapts to every need.

3350mAh Portable Battery

3350mAh Portable Battery PackRAVPower Luster

The very compact sales package, as if to herald the main feature of this power bank, namely an extremely easy to handle and light battery. Together with the battery, a USB-microUSB cable is supplied that can be used both to recharge the external battery and to connect a recharging device.

3350mAh Portable Battery Pack

The flat cable to avoid tangles, but an adapter is not provided to recharge the power bank through the electric socket (most batteries on the market do not include this adapter. I can recommend you for this excellent desktop charger with 6 USB inputs to recharge more devices simultaneously).

The 3350mAh portable battery, which weighs only 73g, has very compact dimensions, 10.2 x 2.3 x 2.3 cm and has a cylindrical shape that makes the product even more manageable. It holds comfortably in the hand and by inserting it in the pockets of the trousers it does not bother and is not bulky. The materials are of the highest quality: although they are not specified by the company, to the touch it appears to be an excellent satin-finish aluminum.

On one of the two short sides of the 3350mAh portable battery charger there is a USB output and a microUSB input for charging, both within 5V / 1A. On the long side, however, there are three LEDs that indicate the battery charge and a button that, when pressed, illuminates the LEDs to show the available charge.


3350mAh battery light. This means that it can be used mainly with smartphones, as the tablets integrate a battery that exceeds the capacity of this power bank. For almost all telephones on the market today, at least one full charge is guaranteed. Smartphones like the iPhone 7, for example, which has a 1960mAh battery, can be recharged even once and a half with a full charge of the external battery.

3350mAh Portable Battery SizeDuring daily use, with a single charge of the 3350mAh portable battery I was able to completely recharge my iPhone 7 and recharge up to 45% with the remaining battery capacity. Really a great result, considering that even a single charge during the day can be enough to our smartphone to be used until evening.

Among the factors characterizing the portable 3350mAh RAVPower Luster Mini battery we certainly find the iSmart 2 technology, which allows the product to supply the right current based on the device being connected, making the charging occur faster. This transforms into a real optimization of the recharge, which I could test on my smartphone, recharged in a time very similar to what happens with the original wall adapter.


There portable RAVPower Luster 3350mAh batteries the optimal product for summer: light, compact, with excellent build quality and easy to carry with us. available in gold color and can be purchased directly on Amazon at the following link.