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10 best games like PUBG on Android and iOS

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, better known as PUBG, are all the rage among the player community and broke numerous records in the previous year. At the beginning of last week, Tencent launched the long-awaited mobile door of this famous FPS survival game for Android and iOS devices. But there is a problem.

The PUBG mobile game is currently exclusive to China only and you are free to install it on your Android or iOS devices. But as my colleague Akshay points out, the Chinese port of the game can be "equal fun and frustrating parts" due to linguistic limitations. So, we've compiled a list of 10 PUBG-style battle games that can entertain you on your mobile devices right away:

The best games of Battle Royale as PUBG Mobile

Note : I tried all the PUBG alternatives on my OnePlus 5T, with Android 8.0 Oreo and iPhone 8 Plus, with iOS 11.2.1. The games went quite well and it was a really fun experience.

1. Rules of survival

If you've tried the PUBG mobile game, you'll find out that Rules of Survival strikes close to home and quite similar to this real battle phenomenon . In this game, you fall on a huge 8 x 8 km island with 120 other players and you have to be the last man standing while the area pushes you towards a center.

With over 100 million downloads, this is probably the most popular alternative to PUBG on mobile devices and I enjoyed playing this game in the last two months. THE controls are fairly simple and the experience quite fluid throughout the world, thanks to the presence of three different servers in Asia, America and Europe.

Download: Android, iOS (free, in-app purchases starting at $ 0, 99)

2. Free Fire – Battlefields

If you still don't feel comfortable in a high-capacity fight, Free Fire – Battlegrounds could be the game you'd like to try first. The controls are all on screen and easy to navigate, but highlighting for you that you just have to go against 49 other users in a 10 minute window to survive until the end . This is a fast game to sharpen all your skills before an intense battle.

The basics of the Royale battle mode are all the same. You will fall on a remote island and you will have to find good weapons and medals and stay in the safe zone to win the battle. Could also form teams of 4 men and talk to each other to devise a strategy with in-game voice chat. Their fluid graphics, so you shouldn't face any delay during gameplay.

Download : Android, iOS (free, in-app purchases starting from $ 0, 99)

3. Grounds of Unkown Pixel's Pixel

Any Minecraft enthusiasts at home? Well, if you are a true fan of pixel-style retr images, Pixel's Unkown Battle Grounds could be the perfect opportunity to enjoy battle battles for your mobile. You still have to survive the wrath of enemies in a block city, where your block figure can shoot with an AK, a Pixel gun, an SMG, more barrels and other weapons to end the deathmatch.

This game is currently under development, therefore you may encounter some problems here and there . Of course I did while trying to get in / out of houses or aim for a shot, but all the other functions are as fluid as butter in the crazy 3D block city. The developers also tried to simplify game mechanics using an automatic shooting mode to help you defeat enemies .

Download: Android, iOS (free, in-app purchases starting at $ 0, 99)

4. Black Survival

Adding your talent to the much-cited PUBG-style games, Black Survival has now built a cult following among mobile users . This is a fast-paced action title, in which an anime character is selected and dropped on an island with 22 different areas including hospital, beach, forest. These positions are then blocked while the battlefield is narrowed, so it prompted you to take the lead and fight for first place in a game of about 20 minutes.

His Unique gameplay can be difficult for some, as you will have to be fast on your feet . The different types of characters will give you special skills and weapons, but you'll also have to memorize the recipes that will allow you to create around 600 types of weapons, tools and foods – this is surely an advantage. Overall, it can be a crazy action packed adventure.

Download: Android, iOS (free, in-app purchases starting at $ 0, 99)

5. Bullet Strike: Battlegrounds

Returning to the basic premise, the title of Bullet Strike: Battlegrounds says it all. Six fallen on a desert island with up to 20 players and the last man is about to take the crown home . Get high quality 3D graphics, heavy arsenal and the chance to test your fighting skills in a fast and intense battle for survival.

While the gameplay may seem quite similar to all other battle royale game titles for mobiles, was the placement of controls to get me in . Some of the most commonly used buttons are well oriented, but the gun change mechanism can be better. Moreover, it is not so funny with only 20 people to fight and the same should be increased.

Download: Android, iOS (free, may include in-app purchases)

6. Survival Royale

Nothing to do with the creators of the Rules of Survival, but NetEase Games managed to cash in all the hype surrounding PUBG in a huge way . Survival Royale one of the best battle experiences I've played on my smartphone, but the similarities with their original creation are incredible. There is not much difference here, apart from the great new demography, 100 players to fight against and the weapons arsenal.

Survival Royale has extraordinary graphics, an action-packed fight and fantastic controls – no matter how small the buttons are. You also get additional modes, such as Fireworks Night, where you only have firearms (duh, so simple) and prop-shields that temporarily protect you from attacks. There are events organized on a regular basis, such as that planned for Valentine's Day . So who will you play duet with that day with?

Download: Android, iOS (free, in-app purchases starting at $ 0, 99)

7. Knives

Knives Out another intuitive and surprising game like PUBG's alternative NetEase. To make all their battle games different from each other, he has added unique locations like snow-capped mountains and railway tunnels to his maps . All the controls and actions will remain fairly similar and you will be free to do anything (expect a cheat) to survive the wrath of the final arena and the enemies.

THE' game aesthetics, as you can see in the screenshot above, would surely be the only thing that drives you to interpret the title compared to the other. Currently it has over 10 million installations, but I would choose extravagant masks and futuristic jackets on all the normal ones every day. However, this does not affect the graphics or gameplay.

Download: Android, iOS (free, in-app purchases starting at $ 0, 99)

8. Mini DAYZ

The battle royale mode has seen immense limelight since PUBG's launch in early 2017, but has been around for quite some time. All started with a mod ARMA, then the nostalgia hits the Mini DAYZ game with all the retro elements of which you will need in your life. You still have the chance to survive on a randomly generated post-apocalyptic map and search for food, weapons and other materials to keep on your way.

Not only will you encounter AI zombies, infected with horrible diseases, and kill them the only option to survive. Not only that, you will also find other friendly and hostile AI that you will have to fight, prevent blood loss and continue to move in an unbalanced world. The best thing about this Mini DAYZ game is that it's absolutely free, with no in-app purchases of any kind.

Download: Android, iOS (free)

9. Vast Survival

As the name suggests, Vast Survival puts you at the center of a vast 3D world and the only task you have to do endure the difficulties and survive. The title of the game currently in alpha testing and offers only an open world, where possible to sift for goods in old rusty cities, forests and military bases.

You can also create and build things according to your needs, but in this moment a real battle mode is in progress. Therefore , up to 26 players in first-person or third-person mode, you can take advantage of the open world to your advantage, fight battles and survive to the end. This is a common goal for this style of play. You can expect a serious delay and crash when the game is currently in alpha, which I can confirm.

Download: Android, iOS (free, in-app purchases starting at $ 0, 99)

10. Unknown real defeat

I'm a big fan of pixel art and when you see a mobile game title with the same cover as your favorite multi-player FPS survival game, you're immediately drawn to it. This was my case and the game turned out to be perfect – nothing extraordinary . It can be seen as a double of the aforementioned pixel-style PUBG game, but more modern.

However, they lack a lot in gameplay and controls, which developers must immediately address if they want to attract more mobile players. on right way to become a big time killer, but the intrusive controls and the ads scattered on the app they have to pass for me to adopt this game on PUBG mobile.

Download: Android, iOS (free, in-app purchases starting at $ 1, 99)

10 best games like PUBG on Android and iOS

If you are not trying to practice the alternative solution and the process of installing the Chinese PUBG mobile variant, you can definitely try one of the alternatives above. Several game studios have highlighted the hype surrounding the genre royale and there are some fantastic games available for Android and iOS. So, tell us the title of the game you tried and most imagined in the comments below.