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With Meetic for Android Wear you don't even need to stop to look for love

From today on Playstore, Meetic Wear App has simple interface and notifications related to the activities of your profile

Photo: MeeticPhoto: Meetic

It's called Meetic Wear App and from today on Google Play Store: it is proposed as the first dating app for Android wearable devices, created by the leading brand in dating in collaboration with Google, to allow you to get acquainted not only in mobility, but this time through wearables.

Simple interface, quick access, the app designed for accelerate contact times between strangers. By sliding the display to the left you can view the profiles with the name, image, age and city of the people. With an upward switch you communicate interest with a skid, downwards you insert the contact among the favorites.

The app includes the receiving notifications linked to your profile, to which they can also respond with voice commands.


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