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When is a PowerBook G4?

When is a PowerBook G4?

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Several sites, the last one is The MacMind, talk about a possible release of a G4 powerbook quickly, at the Seybold or in Paris, however we have several doubts about it. The first difficulty in processors, what to mount? A G4 400 and a G4 500? A solution like this means raising electricity consumption and operating temperatures considerably: although the Cube shows us that after all they are processors that do not heat up enormously, energy consumption remains a crucial factor in a laptop. Secondly, the cost of the machine would increase significantly, although it would not allow the user to actually work at higher speeds. A second consideration of a purely commercial nature: if a machine needs to update this the iBook, at the moment the professional laptops continue to sell well without at all blaming the (few) months of commercial life, so why replace them? Finally, given the problems with Motorola for G4 processors that fail to grow, are we sure that Jobs doesn't think of a laptop with a more performing G3? Hardly on a laptop a technology like Altivec could be really exploited in full, so why not an (email protected) Mhz? As always make predictions when talking about Apple and new products is not easy, maybe in Paris we will really see a PowerBook G4, but we continue to believe that this is absolutely unlikely.

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