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WhatsApp, the notification of reading turns blue (and cannot be deactivated)

The two classic tips of the app turn blue when the recipient has read your last message

WhatsappA few weeks ago it was talked about a lot: according to well-informed sources, WhatsApp would have been on the verge of adding a third check to the message reception status to its conversations, to signal theactual reading by the recipients.

After a couple of days of ruckus, the news ended up on the shelf of false alarms. Until a few hours ago, when the guys from WhatsApp activated a function similar to what they had previously feared for their app: the two check marks that accompany the messages sent and that we already know (one for sending, l 'other for the successful reception) now they turn blue when the recipient finally opens the conversation.

The change happened server side: so there was no need to send smartphones an updated release with the new function, and the double blue check is ready to wait for users on all platforms.

As regards instead the real updates and prorpi of the app and in particular the highly anticipated that should integrate VoIP calls within the service, still no news. After the last postponement, the approximate release date is still 2015. There is no need to hold your breath too much.


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