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Web Marketing Festival: the beauty is people

No doubt, the best thing about the Web Marketing Festival (WMF) is the people. This year there were 6,000 in the first day. But it doesn't matter much …

No doubt, the best thing about the Web Marketing Festival (WMF) is the people. This year there were 6,000 in the first day. But it doesn't matter much the number (which is extraordinary) means the desire of all these people, the vivacity with which they animate the dozens of rooms where the seminars are held, the determination with which they queue to listen even 10 minutes of this or that open, the passion that these 6,000 people bring with them also smiles.

People at the Web Marketing Festival are happy to listen, to compare themselves with taking pictures together. They love the event and above all they love what they do, for this reason the queues and the Saharan heat of the Rimini Palacongressi have taken over. At the bottom of a simple thing: to love what you do, or do what you love, a simple rule that if were followed by everyone would give the world happy people and well-made jobs.

Web Marketing Festival: happy in queue

The merit of the Web Marketing Festival

The greatest merit of the Web Marketing Festival is that of having created an appointment that these people want to go to because they find valuable content, valuable insights and speakers who are thoroughly prepared before presenting themselves to that audience also because they have the same passion for what they they make that they also have those who follow them in the hall. Walking through the corridors of the Web Marketing Festival means seeing how the social network is not an invention of the virtual, but is the living and present expression of humanity, the hugs and smiles that are seen there. more warm and heartfelt, because you are between people who have chosen themselves and who have chosen what they want to do and therefore they do it with love, in every gesture.

Communicate to improve society

This year's edition of the Web Marketing Festival wanted to focus on the ability to communicate that the network offers today, recalling a person who gave his life to defend the possibility of communicating and telling the story of the Mafia: Peppino Impastato. Allepoca had chosen the radio, today who probably would have used the web or video. The event started with the rousing concert of Modena City Rambles and their I Cento Passi dedicated to Peppino Impastato and to those only 100 steps that divided his house from that of the Boss Gaetano Badalamenti.

The possibility gives us new responsibilities

All of us today, who have the possibility of using media that were unthinkable only a few years ago, we also have a greater responsibility: to use them to improve the world, the nation, the region, the province, the municipality, the neighborhood, the street, the building in which we live. Even this year, in fact, the Web Marketing Festival does not only deal with digital training, but also with social issues and solidarity initiatives that use digital as a means of expression and promotion.Web Marketing Festival 2017 and roomsWeb Marketing Festival 2017