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Sports games coming soon

Sports games coming soon

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New sports games on the horizon? At the moment there are no certain indications in this sense but some sites say they are convinced that the hopes of having a football or a basketball for Mac soon are not so far from being realized.

To provide some perspective in this sense, paradoxically, the failure of the last great sports game for Mac, Madden 2000. The title, which recreates the American football championship, by explicit admission by the same managers of Aspyr Media and of Westlake Interactive who he took care of the porting from the PC version, which was far from the expected sales. "Madden – said Mark Adams of Westlake Interactive – was the most sold of sports games in America, so we chose it as the first" experiment ", even though we know we run some risks because football is not so popular as in the USA ?. The distorted American-centric perspective (not unusual in the world of software and, painfully said, even in many areas of the Mac world) was at the time also emphasized by these pages from which we predicted a failure of the title that would have sold only a few copies outside the American territory. We have been good prophets since Aspyr has achieved such ridiculous sales results to lead to the cancellation of the Madden 2001 release.

Fortunately for Adams himself, he maintains that this is not a retreat from the world of sport, but a strategic withdrawal that will allow us to better evaluate the next moves. In the future there will therefore be other sports games "that will have greater international appeal". Most likely it could be a game of football and a game of basketball, the only two sports with boundless appeal. Electronic Arts, from which Aspyr acquires the rights of Madden, on the other hand has excellent titles in this area.

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