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Skype down in Italy, probable hacker attack

Skype down: in Europe in particular and messages cannot be sent, all contacts appear offline. Think of a serious bug or a hacker

Skype down, it doesn't work, you can't send messages or make calls The messaging service among the most widespread and certainly the most common among companies does not work.

Skype down, what's happening this night

Skype's functioning problems started at 24, with some reports. Then the problems have increased and have spread to talk about Skype down worldwide. Reports have multiplied and the site specialized in tracking downs, is keeping track of all service interruptions, which on a scale world.

Skype Down

Skype Down Map

Skype down, bug or hacker?

The inefficiencies started at night, around 24 and are continuing today. It remains possible to log in to Skype, but it does not seem possible to exchange messages and all the contacts appear offline. It could be a significant bug, given the number of hours that have already passed since the first reports. According to others it could be a hacker attack in progress and for this reason that the problem was not solved immediately, as usually happens when a bug occurs.C who also claimed the attack on Twitter, sees the message below. But it is not easy at the moment to understand whether it is a real claim or just mythomaniacs.