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PowerBook G4 ad Outpost?

PowerBook G4 ad Outpost?

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The discovery was made by Jason O?Grady who takes care of PowerPage. On the Outpost home page, Jason has noticed a very curious advertising banner of their product on the list (but the link does not lead anywhere): "PowerBook G4 with Free Leather case", basically a PowerBook G4 with a free bag of skin. PowerBook G4?

Unfortunately, the image is so small that it cannot identify differences from the classic photo of the current PowerBook with expansion bay a little out of its slot.

Who can say if it is simply a "drunkenness from rumors on the laptop with G4" that took the graphic designer who made the banner, or another clamorous case of leaked the day before a (unpromising, like we guessed from the lack of audio / video streaming) Steve Jobs' keynote.

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