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Microsoft keyboards for our Macs

Microsoft keyboards for our Mac

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Maybe for the lucky owners of one of the most recent iMacs and G4s the news is not sensational, but for all those who daily have to deal with the old USB keyboard, the release of the IntelliType package for Mac is certainly a significant news. Not all Microsoft software is full, just as the Input devices cannot be said of excellent quality and excellent functionality, including the Natural Keyboard Pro and Internet KeyBoard Pro ergonomic keyboards, both driven by the released software. The drivers allow you to configure the additional keys of the keyboards with the preset functions to drive the CD player or to navigate more comfortably, or we can configure the keys as we see fit, to assign specific functions for each key, launch applications or control panels. As usual, the driver is not exactly light, the requests are of 15Mb of disk space, system 8.6 or 9.0 however the driver allows to reconfigure some keys typical of the Win machines to emulate the Mac keyboard, so the Win button becomes the our COMMAND key or Apple key, the same applies to the other keys that differ between the two layouts. In any case we will lose the on / off button, finding ourselves forced to act only with the button on our machine, which is a slight annoyance compared to the possibility of using good alternative keyboards.

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