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Less.Mail answers emails for you

A new artificial intelligence application promises to take care of online correspondence, saving us time

The nightmare of the mailbox clogged with thousands of useless messages is gripping us all. With Less.Mail, its new application for Android, Robin Labs has tried to come up with a solution to speed up response times and the efficiency of online correspondence.

In reality we will continue to respond to emails, but perhaps more easily. Less.Mail is presented as a sort of virtual secretary who he will take care of answering the e-mails for you, without making us lose precious minutes. When a new message arrives, the app reads it aloud. At this point, it is enough to dictate what to answer and the system will do it without having to type a single letter.

Furthermore, the application will synchronize our calendar commitments with any appointments we will take via email, or, if we order it, invent plausible excuses to reject the proposals we receive.

We say that it could prove interesting to decline or accept invitations, or to answer questions that are not too articulate (from Did you finish the job? To Today you dine from your grandmother?). But for a love letter or a presentation for a job interview maybe it would be risky to rely on artificial intelligence of Less.Mail.

The app, not yet available on Google Play, can be requested on the official website.


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