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iOS 11 will not be available for iPhone 5 and 5C

The new operating system iOS 11 will not be available for iPhone 5 and 5C or iPad 4 when it is officially released in the fall. This means that users with older devices will no longer receive software updates or protection. While the iPhone 5S and newer ones will regularly receive the update, but some older applications will not work.

iOS 11 will not be available for iPhone 5 and 5C, why?

This news that iOS 11 will not be available for iPhone 5 and 5C, the result of Apple's decision to suspend support for devices and applications that use 32-bit processors. From 2013 onwards, Apple has created devices with only 64-bit processors rather than 32-bit processors, starting with the introduction of iPhone 5S and iPad Air. Applications that run only 32-bit versions will no longer be displayed in search results in the new version of the App Store or available in the "Buy" tab if have been downloaded previously.iOS 11 will not be available for iPhone 5 and 5C

Attention aglianni

A 64-bit processor capable of handling large amounts of data at one time – four billion inpi compared to a 32-bit processor, helping to speed up the use of the device. "Apple warned of this migration for its hardware to 64 bit in years, but this news only shows some of its customers, "said Ernest Doku, a telecommunications expert. "Most applications in the last four years or so should be compatible with the new systems, unless they have been updated since 2015".

When Apple released iOS 10.1 in October 2016, users who attempted to open a 32-bit app on an updated iPhona received a warning message informing them that these apps could slow down their iPhone. Upgrading to iOS 10.3 includes a tool to detect applications that cannot be executed in 64-bit mode. The applications concerned will be listed in Settings> General> Info> Applications> App compatibility.

What will happen to the applications?

All new applications and updates of existing applications have had to support the iPhone with the 64 bit system starting from June 2015, therefore, any app that has been updated in the last two years should be compatible. But some popular games and educational applications are not have been updated since the 64-bit requirement was introduced.

These apps include titles by Fisher Price and WeeWorld, creators of the WeeMe avatar app. Apple is also gradually starting to eliminate 32-bit Mac support, informing developers at WWDC that MacOS High Sierra would be the last to have compatibility 32-bit "without compromise".

Starting from June 2018, all new applications sent to the Mac Store must support the 64-bit system and from June 2018 the updates of existing applications must be 64-bit compatible. Thus, iOS 11 will not be available for iPhone 5 and 5C and with 32bit designed apps.