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How to install the Windows Start menu on Android devices

Maybe you don't know, but if you're a fan of the Microsoft interface, install it Taskbar on your mobile from the Google Store, you can bring the Windows taskbar and Start menu to Android devices. I must say that it also works very well and the application is also accompanied by an Xposed module. If what you were looking for, read on, because even without having root permissions you can install the Windows Start menu on Android devices.

How to install the Windows Start menu on Android devices

possible to install the application Taskbar in two different ways, either through the Play Store as a normal application, or through the Xposed modules. The difference between them, which using Xposed modules, is the toggle of the start menu directly in the navigation bar, so if your device has a button on the screen, this is for you and from here you can start the menu. Otherwise, or if enabled ART do not worry, with the normal version on the Play Store, a small blue start button will appear in the lower left of the screen. It is also possible to move the start button wherever you wish.install the Windows Start menu on Android devices 1


You can download the application Taskbar from Google Play Storeo from the Xposed module repository.

install the Windows Start menu on Android 2 devices

How does it work

Once installed, you can use Taskbar to launch or find applications and contacts or do a Google search directly. It is also possible to add several toggles, which are located on the right side of the list of apps / contacts and access them from there. it is also possible to make an app switches appear that will always remain in the foreground and from which we could move quickly between one application and another.install the Windows Start menu on Android 3 devices

Add a folder

One of the best features is to add folders, and also quite easy to do. All you need to do is open the application Taskbar from the drawer, select the menu Edit Start and therefore Edit entries from the Start menu. At the top right, press the down arrow and selectAdd new folder. Then, we can also choose the name and type of folder we want to create, that is, we can add the name of applications, contacts, favorites and settings separately or all together (adding contacts, settings and bookmarks not available in the free version).install the Windows Start menu on Android 4 devices

Layout adjustment

There is a possibility to change the layout of the Taskbar in the Layout Edit Start menu. It is possible to adjust the Start menu of the Taskbar in height and transparency, as it best suits your needs.install the Windows Start menu on Android 5 devices

Changing Settings

Like all good solutions in the "control center", Taskbar also offers quick toggles that can be set under Edit setting options. You can add as many as you want, in any order you want.install the Windows Start menu on Android 6 devices

Other visual changes

It was also possible to change the icon of the Start button and its level of obscuration. Also included are Themes (not available in the free version) and different locations of the Taskbar, so that we can easily find it under our fingertips.

If you like to install the Windows Start menu on Android devices, I recommend it, because the application Taskbar really well made and easy to use, as it was given importance to the usability of the device.