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For Japanese iTMS one million songs in four days

The Japanese online music market has a new ruler. At the end of what we could easily call one Blitzkrieg, a flash war, Apple became the number one, selling a million songs in the first four days of the iTunes Music Store.

Steve Jobs told the press in a statement that "iTunes has become the number one online music store in just four days, selling twice as many songs – a million – as they sell all other Japanese online music stores in a month ?.

There had been concern from some analysts at the time of the launch of iTunes Music Store Japan in the country that the second world record market after the United States, due to the price level.

In fact, unlike the US, where a song costs on average 99 cents of dollars in various digital shops, in Japan the prices of online stores are between 200 and 300 Yen, that is 1.80 and $ 2.70 (1.44 and 2.17 euros). Apple instead chose to sell the songs between 150 Yen (1.09 euros) and 200 Yen (1.45 euros), with 90% of the songs in the store priced at 150 Yen.

For the record the most sold song was DefTech and the best-selling album Ulfuls.