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Flow is Samsung's answer to Handoff and Continuity

The Korean home devises a multi-device multitasking function. From the phone to the TV to the tablet, resume the interrupted operations

(Photo: Samsung)(Photo: Samsung)

Perhaps it was there before Apple, with the Continuity and Handoff functions present in its operating system. But the total synchronization between different devices is a common frontier for all hardware and software ecosystem producers. Among them is Samsung, which in the past few hours has unveiled its project about it: it's called Flow, and allows you to save the status of the operations you are performing on an Android device to resume on another.

Are you starting to watch a video on your smartphone, on public transport while you return home? Enter the living room and find it on the smart TV where you left it. Not only that: with Flow you will be able to receive notifications for the phone on your tablet or PC, such as unanswered calls, text messages and messages on whatsapp. Or transfer files, links and web pages from one device to another using the appropriate option from the Android sharing menu.

The video shows an ideal situation, but the technical barriers to overcome so that everything works perfectly are not new. The Koreans are currently working on it: there is no fixed release date for Flow.


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