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Apple plays the charge in the Sony barn

To win, one must bring war to the enemy territory. The players of Risk know something about Manciuria's ruthless attack for those in control of that area, with the aim of avoiding the birth of an inexhaustible resource barn. Not to mention the psychological effect that makes the enemy defeat in his home. We go to war to win, not to participate.

These and other considerations must have accompanied the flight of Steve Jobs across the Pacific Ocean to Tokyo, where he inaugurated the twentieth iTunes Music Store the other day. The one with almond eyes. The one in Sony's home.

The frontal attack against the other real, big player in the sector proceeds ruthlessly. On the one hand there are the proofs of excellent collaborations between the two companies: true in the video sector with high definition, not in that of the Cell processor that runs the future Playstation 3, indeed in that case it is probably a legacy of the hypothesis of agreement attempted by Sony and IBM immediately before Apple announced its intention to move to Intel, at the end of June, which had become entangled in the digital brochures of the Japanese giant.

On the other hand, in the music world, there is the agreement with Sony that controls the recording rights but not the one that sells the songs online. After all, it's about coopetition, companies today are frenemies, friend-enemies, compete and cooperate. In short, in global business you go to bed with the enemy and compete with your friend. And then, it is basically the same entity.

Apple's attack on Japan has been a long-awaited move, negotiations have been exhausting – perhaps only Australia was in more difficult conditions – but it brings with it a very notable strategic advantage. In Japan only now the iPod is affected by Sony's commercial attack, yet the shops are opening, the iPods are sold, the possibilities are still many, consumers' appreciation of the digital player of Cupertino on the verge of fanaticism and the "botta" that Japanese iTMS give the operations virtually impossible to imagine.

What better then to close the loop and strike a blow prepared for almost two years by the eastern lords of the digital world? In Japan, the iPod has 36% of the market, compared to 74% of the American market. The clash not only with Sony's and Mora's players and store, but also with iMode mobile phones (those that are capable of multimedia and with an educated audience that uses them in such a way, other than Bill Gates and the future of music on mobile phones) Windows) while Motorola with the iPhone still latita.

The battle in the Japanese archipelago. The goddess Yamatai has to decide which one will be the winner of the challenge. iTunes or Mora? Apple or Sony? Because in this titanic clash only one thing is certain: the ending will be like that of Highlander: there will be only one …