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Apple confirms: no Seybold webcasting.

Apple confirms: no Seybold webcasting.

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Chedel Keynote of the San Francisco Seybold was not expected to stream over the Internet was known for some time even though Apple never officially expressed it. The confirmation now also arrived from Cupertino and is found in a declaration issued to c | net. The spokeswoman of Cupertino, Sarah Stanley argues that Apple "has not prepared any webcasting of the Steve Jobs keynote at the Seybold because it will be a speech strictly reserved for the public interested in web publishing and we think that all the professionals of the sector are present". Justification that appears a little weak, actually. In the past, any event that presented new products had its own QuickTime streaming (even before the advent of Apple's home streaming they supplied other systems). How everyone understands reality instead of another. Unless unexpected surprises, in fact, Apple has no news to present and for this reason it has renounced spending money to give resonance with a live broadcast to an event that will prove to be of minor importance, at least for what concerns Apple, compared to the past.

Next important appointment to see, perhaps, the renewed iBook, and other hypothesized in the last few days, is the AppleExpo in Paris, we'll see.

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