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App economy, in Italy it does not take off

The app economy market is growing all over the world, together with the turnover of the companies that have intercepted the trend. But Italian companies are struggling

iPhone Apps

Users love them, the market grows dramatically, but Italian companies use them little because they don't know what to do with them. The paradox of Made in Italy in contact with the app market, after all, just the umpteenth metaphor of a blocked country. In fact, the app economy in Italy does not take off. And not because consumers don't use their smartphone, let alone. Italian companies do not focus on apps because on the upper floors they do not understand the benefits and even within a world that is rapidly changing, it remains difficult to change corporate strategy. Thus a substantial share of Italian business realities is likely to remain on the fringes of the global application economy.

These are the results of the international study, How to survive and grow in the application market, led by Vanson Bourne on behalf of CA Technologies, a software production company and app for companies. The survey was conducted on 1450 digital strategy managers in companies active in the finance, healthcare, manufacturing, telecommunications and entertainment sectors in 13 countries in the world, including Italy. And the world-wide result was clear. Companies that manage to face the challenges of the application economy register 106% turnover increase and 68% earnings growth thanks to the new services offered to consumers. Which evidently show to appreciate the opportunity to make purchases from smartphones and tablets, perhaps on a train or in the metro, quickly and without having to physically go where the activity is located.

A trend also exploited by business banks like JPMorgan, which has more Google software developers and more Microsoft technicians. PayPal, the leader in online transactions, has invested $ 850 million to replace its 15-year old web-based technology to develop even more user-friendly applications. But internationally, companies respond in various ways. On average, each company has released 6 apps for customers, with 51% of respondents who have released at least 4 in the last year alone. Furthermore, 52% confirmed that they are in the process or have already acquired software houses in the last year. In short, as far as possible, better to make apps at home and contain costs, rather than relying on specialized external companies.

Data were also published during the presentation of the study Italian scenery, in the presence of the top CA Technologies Michele Lamartina and Fabio Raho, Paolo Ciceri CIO Rinascente, Alessandro Musumeci Group CIO FSItaliane, Gian Luca Petrelli founder of BeMyEye Srl, Guido Arnone for Expo 2015 and Luca Prina of CheBanca !. 90% of Italian companies interviewed would be subject to requests and requests to release new applications or services in a shorter time than in the past. And yet, only 38% of the Italian corporate world seems to react effectively or extremely effectively to this new phenomenon, against 52% of the US sample. Indeed, in the last year, Italian companies have released an average of 3.9 apps, less than half of those launched by their German counterparts and less than those in the UK and Spain.

One of the reasons for the lack of alignment of Italian companies with the international reality is precisely the failure to understand the potential benefits of middle managers (27%), the great difficulty in changing the corporate strategy (25%) and the lack of skills suggested by the inadequate corporate culture (23%). The outlook for the Italian app economy market is the most damaging due to budget constraints, mentioned by 33% of Italian companies. Thus 31% of the companies interviewed in Italy are already feeling the repercussions within themselves of the inadequacy of the new instruments, with 86% of companies expecting a surge in investments for the application economy. Separate company accounts, you can bet that consumers will be happy too.


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